Fireball Meteor Caught on Camera in Virginia Ohio Northeast U.S. (AH SHIT WE MISSED EARTH AGAIN

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A number of witnesses across the Northeast U.S. observed a fireball, otherwise known as a very bright meteor, flying through the sky at approximately 6:16 p.m. Saturday evening.

Alex Salvador was driving in Falls Church, Virginia, when he spotted the fireball and was able capture it on his dashcam.

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"Startling. Even unnerving, maybe," Salvador told ABC News of the sighting. "It seemed close, big, and definitely on fire with a tail."

Adrian Burns got video footage of the fireball while driving in Lancaster, Ohio.

Many people flocked to the American Meteor Society website to report their sightings and observations. Observers described the fireball as having colorful fragments and looking like it "fell apart or exploded."

It's not surprising that witnesses were able to clearly spot the fireball, since according to the AMS, a fireball is brighter than the planet Venus.

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