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Although this Crain's article from last October reports that Mr. Wolstein's East Bank Flats project is on hold, site preparation (image mash up 6.22.09) has moved past demolition to excavation, including a significant soil anchored solder beam and lagging retaining wall - the top of which is at the rh side of the image. Independence Excavating is doing the site work. 

We tend to think of subsidized housing as for poor people, yet with all the public subsidies this project has received, clearly subsidized "housing" is also for the wealthy.   And of course we need more office space and housing units in Cleveland.  Here is a list compiled by Roldo in 2006 of the subsidies for the Wolstein Flats project - slide down the article to the blue text.  And Roldo reports here that just a few weeks ago the City of Cleveland provided some cash.

There are about 4 Baker frac tanks (blue objects between jack knife bridge and lift bridge) on the site. Does anyone in the Realneo audience know what the pollution remediation on this site involves?   There is about 4 million dollars in public money dedicated to environmental clean up. Independence was also the contractor involved in cleaning the asbestos out of the Ameritrust Tower and for enviromental clean up at the Juvenile Justice Center.

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