"Fox News" operatives seek to shock and awe independent citizen journalists

Submitted by Eternity on Fri, 12/11/2009 - 19:35.

Max Eternity - At RealNeo and other independent media outlets that promote citizen journalism, though it is the purpose of such forums to provide tranparent dialogues about news of the day affecting collective civic investments for those underserved by Right-leaning, corporate media tv shows and websites, there exists the presence of disinformation campaigns loosely organized by "troll" bloggers and commentators.

RealNeo has experienced several first hand accounts of these licentious infiltrations, including a supposed "Porn" scandal.  And core members of the Neo site are often found to voice their complaints about the overreaching infuence of the Cleveland Plains Dealer (PD) a large, pro-corporate, news supplier, which they say undermine the collective betterment and well being of the area.

The strategy of many of the disinformers is to try and blend in with the regular contributors by attacking the personalities of individuals, while simultaneously cherry-picking facts to substantiate false claims and distortions.  It is a strategy well employed by GOP heavyweights like Fox's Bill O'Reilly and Glenn Beck, individuals known for their devout support for "The Bush Doctrine" also being known for their socio-political biases against women, the poor and people of color.






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