The Ghosts of Cleveland Policing Consent Decrees Past, Present, and Future

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At last night's CPC meeting I spoke about The Ghosts of Consent Decree Past, Present and Future.
This is from the DOJ's December 4, 2014 finding letter (attached - The Ghost of Consent Decree Past):

        “The current pattern or practice of constitutional violations is even more troubling because we identified many of these structural deficiencies more than ten years ago during our previous investigation of CDP’s use of force. In 2002, we provided initial observations regarding CDP’s use of force and accountability systems and, in 2004, we recommended that the Division make changes to address some of the deficiencies we identified. CDP entered into an agreement with us, but that agreement was not enforced by a court and did not involve an independent monitor to assess its implementation. The agreement did require CDP to make a variety of changes, including revising its use of force policy and establishing new procedures for reviewing officer-involved shootings. In 2005, we found that Cleveland had abided by that agreement and it was terminated. It is clear, however, that despite these measures, many of the policy and practice reforms that were initiated in response to our 2004 memorandum agreement were either not fully implemented or, if implemented, were not maintained over time.”

The way it reads is that for one brief, shining moment somewhere between 2004 and 2005, there was DOJ-Approved Bias Free Constitutional Policing taking place in Cleveland.
You know, I don't think that's what really happened at all. It all went to Hell after that? I'm calling Total BS. Instead, it seems like the DOJ just decided to give up, and let the citizens of Cleveland fend for themselves.
And I'm pretty sure we're in for the same exact thing this time around - that's The Ghost of Consent Decree Present - the emergency Charter Amendment greatly ignoring the CPC's recommendations and the realities of the Office of Profesional Standards being - according to the Monitor's First Semiannual Report - "Dire", and all with DOJ and Monitor complicity. Plus lots more nonsense.

The Seattle situation (The Ghost of Consent Decree Future - their Consent Decree is exactly three years ahead of us with the same Monitor and another hostile mayor, police department and police union) shows us the future, where in the past two weeks the Federal Judge in Seattle had some pretty harsh public words for the city and the police union (two articles also attached).

This is what we're fighting today - and for the next four years. And if we don't keep on them - and all start working together - the city, cops, and cop unions will prevail again, and we'll all suffer badly for it.

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