Glen Shaw 1925

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Glen Shaw 1925

Croque monsieur

For more information see:

Mural by WPA artist Glen Shaw--for more information, contact the Cleveland Artists Foundation:

For the book: Architourism--contact Horizontal Books and/or your Cleveland Public Library



REALNEO and Geis Bros. and Marcel Breuer

There is a long history of architectural appreciation documented at REALNEO - starting with the effort to preserve Marcel Breuer's Ameritrust building in downtown Cleveland.  The story has come full circle with the building first to be the new Cuyahoga County headquarters, then threatened with demolition, and now an architectural beacon along with the George Post Rotunda.  It's amazing to think that this would have been rubble, if not for a lot of folks who stood up to our machine politics in Northeast Ohio.  Special tribute to Susan Miller and David Ellison - and especially to the Geis Bros.  Thank you for preserving an important story in Northeast Ohio.

Photos taken today 8/23 at an ArtNEO event (thank you Ken Lanci) and at an architectural event held at Northeast Ohio Media Group this past Tues - I will add more detail as time permits.