Google search downgrades for "SCRAPING" - plz read Google's search optimization guidelines.

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Thu, 11/15/2012 - 15:26.

 Every page posted to Realneo is searchable by Google, MS Bing, yahoo, just a few of the many seach engines (see wikipedia list of search engines here).

Almost all of the content on Realneo is unique content - and that fact ads to the Google ranking of Realneo.   If you are just communicating with your friends, and not writing on Realneo in an effort to persuade your community about some political, educational, environmental, or societal issue, then page rank isn't important.    Page ranking is important if you want to communicate through Realneo to those you don't know, have never met, will not meet, but still want to pursuade and/or educate. 

Looking back over Realneo, there is one aspect where we can improve Realneo in terms of Google search - less SCRAPING.

Read about scraping here at Google and here is the full webmaster's advice.


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