hi tom john keith all you heroes - sophia alerted me - person attempting and or crime on brayton - called 911 - have video

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hi tom john keith - sophia alerted me and i called 911 - i reported  to dispatcher watching person biking in drive ways pulling on car door handles - she said she would send police -

have video of same crimes or attempted crimes on brayton about 3:53 to about 4am june 12, 2015 - suspect  looks young  african american - light color cloths hoody-cap on small bike with refectors in spokes both wheels with a head light on -

person biked from west brayton stopped at 761 brayton the webbs made 2 circles and went in drive way for a about a minute biked out - biked to 750 brayton went in drive for a minute biked to car on same side on street pulled driver side door handle - went to last home 2 homes from 750 - got off bike went into drive for a minute - biked on professor - gone -

let me know if want video before i post it - cheers

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