house of horrors more in tremont etc.- Human sex trafficking in America-police:illegal underground sex etc.-houses

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house of horrors  - more in tremont etc.-Exposed: Human sex trafficking in America - illegal underground nightclubs-houses - cleveland police state as two dozen underground nightclubs that operate in houses across cleveland- Tremont, Ohio City and other residential neighborhoods as of February 03, 2008 - Underground smokehouses open amid crackdown on smoking, strip clubs in TREMONT, Ohio City and other neighborhoods - its much more in 2013

For The Record also delves deep into the dark world of human trafficking. A multi-billion dollar industry that targets minors and forces them into sex slavery. What once was a disturbing concern beyond our southern border can now be found in many U.S. cities. See exclusive interviews with two girls who were kidnapped and trafficked, as For The Record exposes the inhumanity of modern-day slavery.


Secret Nightclubs Open As Strip Club Restrictions Go Into Effect




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