How Congress helped created the very mental illness that resulted in the Giffords shooting ( exceptions kucinich, paul, etc.)

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(NaturalNews) Giffords was assaulted while doing what more representatives in Washington should be doing: Talking with their constituents at home in a public place, right out in the open.In an age where many members of Congress hide behind closed doors and spend more time meeting with corporate lobbyists than talking with their constituents, Giffords regularly took time to talk to the people she sought to represent in Washington.The sad fallout from this shooting in Tucson is that more members of Congress are now going to hide behind closed doors and refuse to interact with the public. There are psychos out there, after all.

But where did all the psychos come from?

Why Congress bears some responsibility for America's epidemic of mental illness

Congress bears a tremendous responsibility for creating those psychos in the first place, and that's where this story takes a turn for the ugly. How could such a claim be true? Read on...


It is Congress that has allowed the FDA to continue censoring the science behind nutritional supplements while pushing psychiatric drugs on children, for example. Did you know that vitamin D deficiency promotes schizophrenia? (



Did you know that most of the school shootings in the United States involve young males with a history of psychiatric drug use? (



Did you know that SSRI drugs (antidepressants) often promote violent thoughts, especially in young males? (



I have very high confidence that a blood test of Loughner would reveal striking nutritional deficiencies combined with blood sugar imbalances. His photo reveals pale white skin, for example -- a common indicator of chronic vitamin D deficiency.


Did you know that the vast majority of violent criminals currently serving time in U.S. prisons suffer from blood sugar imbalances caused by a lifetime of

junk food consumption?

(Sodas, processed sugar, etc.)


These are all issues on which Congress could have made a positive impact over the last several decades

but refused to

because corporate interests were at stake. The junk food, pharmaceutical and sick-care industries all have powerful lobbyists influencing the votes of members of Congress, and very few members of Congress have ever taken any real action to reduce the exposure of American children and teens to dangerous foods, additives, medications and chemicals that actually promote mental illness.


Brain-damaging chemicals remain legal in America

When it comes to brain-damaging chemicals, Congress has also stood by and done virtually nothing to protect the American people from fluoride, brain-damaging adjuvants in vaccines, mercury dental fillings, dangerous chemicals in personal care products and mind-damaging chemicals in home construction materials (wanna live in a FEMA trailer, anyone?)


While decrying the terrible health crisis facing America today -- which includes mental health -- Congress has stood by and done absolutely nothing to actually improve the fundamental health of the American people. No, the Obama health care reforms don't count, because all they do is grant a monopoly over sick-care to the conventional medical industry while completely ignoring disease prevention, nutrition and other natural therapies that can often reverse chronic disease. If anything, Obama's health care reforms would make mental illness worse because, by forcing Americans to purchase conventional health insurance, they deny Americans the discretionary income they might normally spend on nutritional supplements, organic foods or other natural therapies that can help prevent mental illness.


Instead of actually improving the health of the American people, Congress has jumped in bed with

the pharmaceutical industry

and handed Big Pharma a monopoly over sick-care, written into law with Obama's health care reform (and also backed by the Bush administration before that).


Notably, this decision was aggressively promoted by the Democrats and even Gabrielle Giffords herself, who voted for Obamacare. (Do not twist this into an interpretation that I blame Giffords for Loughner's actions. She deserves no such blame. Congress as a whole, however, has played an important role in allowing mental illness to fester in America while suppressing nutritional therapies and cures that could help end that particular epidemic.)


The illusion of mental health "treatment" in America

Only a very small number of congressional members have ever done anything to support nutritional therapies or health freedoms that would genuinely improve the physical and mental health of the American people.

Rep. Ron Paul

, notably, has offered a Health Freedom Protection Act for several years now, but that bill never has enough support by other members of Congress to even make it to the floor for a debate.

Rep Dennis Kucinich

, on the Democratic side, is a supporter of natural health, and he deserves credit for trying to carry such concepts into his actions there, too.


Aside from a few exceptions, Congress has, by and large,

has done nothing to support any improvement in the mental health of the American people

. And funding more conventional "mental health screening" doesn't count because, as intelligent observers well know, mental health "screening" is merely a profit-driven patient recruiting scheme used by pharmaceutical companies to

put more people on psychiatric drugs

, many of which actually promote violent thoughts as a common side effect. (



So now we have members of Congress essentially being violently assaulted by

the very people they have historically abandoned

with their Big Pharma favoritism and refusal to embrace health freedom in America. It remains illegal in America, for example, for an

Omega-3 supplement manufacturer

to tell the truth that omega-3 supplements work as well or better than antidepressants at reducing the symptoms of depression. (



The FDA considers such a claim, even if backed by links to scientific studies, to be

a criminal act

. And the Congress has never bothered to exercise oversight with the FDA to prevent such outlandish oppression of scientific speech about nutrition that could really work to reduce mental illness in America.


Why nutrition affects mental health: Brain function 101

The brain, after all, is

a physical organ

fed by the blood supply. And the blood is comprised of the food you eat, the beverages you drink, and the medications you take.

Everything you swallow affects your brain

in one way or another.


This simple truth is still not widely recognized in conventional medicine, nor is it common knowledge among the American people, most of which continue to feed their children processed, nutritionally depleted junk foods. And then they wonder why little Jonny is angry all the time. So they put him on ADHD drugs, SSRI drugs and other psychiatric chemicals. Before long, little Jonny is emptying a 30-round magazine into his classmates at school. And the parents, teachers, Sheriffs and members of Congress stand around scratching their heads, wondering to themselves, "Why does this happen?" So they blame Rush Limbaugh.


Gee. Is the root cause of this really so complex to figure it out?


See, a Glock pistol does not fire unless a finger pulls the trigger. That finger is attached to a system of muscles and neurons that are connected to the human brain. That human brain, which makes the decision to pull the trigger, is fed by the human blood supply. That human blood supply is

literally manufactured

from whatever that person eats: School lunches, Diet Coke with aspartame, Twinkies, GMO corn, High Fructose Corn Syrup, MSG in canned soups, artificial food coloring chemicals, and so on.


So you have a

chain of causality

here: The food affects the blood, which affects the brain, which affects the "mental health" which affects the finger which pulls the trigger to cause senseless violence.


Of course, there are other factors, too: Social factors, family, violent video games (perhaps), exposure to heavy metals such as mercury (from dental fillings, seafood, etc.), influences from peers, and so on. I'm not claiming that food alone is responsible for this shooting, but I am asserting, with confidence, that

what Loughner consumed in terms of food, beverages and medicine absolutely DID have an impact on his mental health

. That fact is undeniable.


What is also undeniable is that the U.S. Congress has done virtually nothing to improve the fundamental health of the American people. Not that it's their responsibility in the first place, but at the very least they should

get out of the way

and allow nutritional supplement companies to make scientifically-substantiated claims about the health benefits of their products. Banning junk food in schools (for real, not the fake ban like Clinton did) would also be a good start. (



Dismantling the entire U.S. Food and Drug Administration would be a far more effective action. It would unleash a

golden age of health freedom in America

and cause rates of cancer, heart disease, diabetes and mental illness to plummet over the next decade. (Yes, the FDA causes tremendous harm to the health of the American people.) (



America's epidemic of mental illness

This is largely why we have

an epidemic of mental illness

in America today. And that epidemic of mental illness, like all epidemics, has a cause.


But what are the real factors that cause such widespread mental illness in America?


In answering this question, you're forced to consider

things that poison the brain

, which is after all a physical organ that relies on healthy biochemistry to operate correctly. So the right question here is, "What kinds of things in society today harm brain function?


That answer reveals a very long list:

Chemical substances:

• Psychiatric drugs


• Prescription medications


• Over-the-counter drugs


• Many street drugs


• Pesticides, herbicides, fungicides in the food


• Chemical food additives


• Off-gassing of toxic chemicals from furniture


• Toxic lawn care chemicals


• Fluoride in the water


• Chemicals and preservatives in vaccines


• GMO foods


• Mercury in fish and seafood (makes you crazy)


• Chemicals in personal care products and cosmetics

Brain programming:

• Violent video games


• Violent television programming


• Military indoctrination programs that desensitize people to violence


• Violent imagery on mainstream news programs


• Violent imagery in Hollywood movies


• "Militainment" - the transformation of war into killing entertainment through the mass media


If you combine all these factors with widespread nutritional deficiencies, you will inevitably create mental patients out of people who would have otherwise been harmless. From there, it's not difficult for a mentally deranged person bent on violence to locate a weapon of some sort -- a machete, sword, firearm, knife or even a Buick -- and then use it to commit violence against other human beings.


I believe that any honest discussion about Loughner and mental health in America must embrace these critical factors. If we are to prevent future violence from happening again, we must reduce the number of people in America who suffer from mental illness. And I assure you

that can only be accomplished through a revolution in food and nutrition



We are what we eat

We are what we eat. Loughner was insane. It is no coincidence that our factory farming meat operations in America are similarly insane.


It is no coincidence that mainstream laundry detergent products contain cancer-causing fragrance chemicals.


It is no coincidence that our food supply is largely made of heavily processed, refined ingredients that have been nutritionally depleted.

Loughner is the "refined white sugar" poster boy

. He's the Wonder Boy of Wonder Bread (refined white flour).


He represents the ultimate extreme of what happens when you raise a kid on processed foods and angry meat products produced through the committing of violence to cows, pigs and chickens. Yes, it does matter.

When you produce your food through violence, you tend to get violent behavior in those who consume it.

But it's so much easier to ignore the real causes, isn't it?

Of course, this article is fifty years ahead of mainstream thinking in America. Instead of considering these simple and obvious truths (well, they're obvious to NaturalNews readers, anyway), Congress will instead seek to ban guns, or ban free speech, or somehow attempt to invoke some moronic reactionary law that will completely ignore the root causes of mental illness in America. Because that's what Congress does best.


And that brings me to the final conclusion here: Einstein once said the definition of insanity (mental illness) is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Yet isn't that exactly what the U.S. Congress is doing?


They keep favoring the pharmaceutical industry, the junk food industry and the toxic chemical companies while ignoring the real health needs of the American people. And yet they somehow expect the outcome to be different. By Einstein's definition,

the U.S. Congress also suffers from a kind of mental illness



They act out of an "insanity of the status quo." And make no mistake, this insanity will continue for as long as our nation continues to raise our children on junk foods, factory-farmed meat products and psychiatric medications.


Mental health can be cured in America. But not by national leaders who are themselves expressing their own pattern of mental illness through their legislative priorities.


To cure mental illness in America, we need to first address the mental health of those who make our laws. If we do not, I sadly predict such random acts of violence will continue to be undertaken by the very same young men who have been abandoned, poisoned and exploited by the food, drug and chemical industries that now dominate America's legislative landscape.


You can't stop bullets with laws. But you can

legalize health freedom in America

so that the mental health of the population is improved to the point where far fewer people feel the insane urge to resort to the use of bullets in the first place.

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