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If I were in charge of our economic recovery, I would establish 3 categories of national economic activity.  1.Positive   2.Neutral 3. Negative
1.         Un subsidized Exports, scientific research, and rail, (not air or auto) infrastructure, solar panel manufacture would be examples of positive economic activity. The manufacturing of unique tools like the Orchard Machinery Co’s,  Israeli produced orchard pruning equipment in the photo above is an example of what we should be doing in the USA. 
2.         Food production, sensible shelter, clothing manufacture would be in the neutral category, Municipal and Federal governments, Fire and Police, would be (barely) in this neutral category.
3..        Professional sports, commercial gambling and state lottery, cigarette manufacturing, Hummer type cars manufacturing would be in the negative category.
Every economic activity would be tested: Does it return income from outside the USA? Does it defer income from leaving the USA? This test is important because doing business back and forth among ourselves does not increase the money in our pot.
A certain number of our economic activities are necessary just to keep us in food shelter and clothing.   I wouldn’t be a strict as the Shakers, but I might be close. 
And with all the totally non-productive “entertainment” crap – Vegas would be shut down along with the absurd  Auto Miles merchants in every town.   You would order your necessary new auto transportation vehicle from Amazon. 
Everyone Convinced? Sound like fun?     Where would you place other products and activities which you are involved with in your daily life?
PS  The pruning equipment is represented/sold in the USA by TOL Inc.  Interestingly, because the machines are manufactured in Israel, there are groups who actively boycott the machines and the companies that sell them.   Perhaps that is why I couldn’t find a web site for Orchard Machinery, or a web site for TOL, Inc. The  largest machine sells for about $250,000.00 US dollars.   I  have seen them at work: they can top or skirt hundreds of trees per hour.  Amazing tools.   I have also done a lot of hand pruning in my time, so I may be biased about this product. 


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