I've Identified Some Astounding Information Technology Talents in real NEO who have been Harmed by our Leadership

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Mon, 02/22/2010 - 07:37.

I've Identified Some Astounding Information Technology Talent in real NEO that has been harmed by our regional leadership, and I'm trying to find a nice way to deal with that. Each of these people have risen to positions of demonstrated excellence in their fields - have innovated our regional information technology landscape and had global impact - and each of them have been directly violated by leadership in our community - IT leadership and community development leadership. They have each done the right things - each taken the right steps - and each been blocked along the way. And each are "minority". How do I now give them the proper status they deserve in the community, where they have not been welcome or valued?

Especially as I have been treated as poorly.

I shall introduce each of them here, on realNEO, as I am working with each of them on ICEarth. They deserve broader support than just from my family.

How do WE break through the barriers to innovation in our field - social media - in unreal NEO, when people like us, who have demonstrated regional and global leadership, have each experienced the exact same barriers to our progress here at home, and we represent all types of people.

I leave that question for the realNEO community to ponder, as I prepare to introduce some very big friends.