The Steve Izzi legal defense - be nuts!

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Tue, 06/05/2018 - 13:04.

  Trump, Giuliani , Steve Izzi, Enzo and KRC all use the Izzi way-gone legal defense.

At one point I frequented small claims court almost weekly - attempting to collect small amounts due a equipment rental company.   Most all the over due equipment rental clients didn't appear and default judgments were issued.  
After a while I noticed there was another fellow, Mr. Sherman,  that was also always in the small claims sessions - collecting for the gas, electrical, and phone companies.     Most all of his over due utility clients didn't appear and default judgments were issued. 
One small claims Monday I was in the small claims session and a case came up involving a guy that I had heard of on the street - the guy's name was Steve Izzi.
According to the testimony provided by the lady who was the plaintiff, Izzi had sold her a car which apparently would not pass the safety inspection - what ever it was that was wrong with the car the lady thought she had been defrauded and had returned the car to Izzi and wanted her money back.  The lady sounded reasonable, and, from the street talk that I had heard about Izzi, she probably had been defrauded.  
The Judge then called on defendant Mr. Izzi- who did show up in court.
Mr. Izzi approached the Bench and began to describe - gesturing with his hands a lot - his "side" of the story.    
"Good Morning your Honor"  Izzi began...."I haven't had my psychiatric meds this morning, in my rush to get here to Court I couldn't find them."
The Judge then asked Mr. Izzi if he was competent to testify - like judges often are required to ask "are you presently under the influence of alcohol or any medications...which would impair your ability to understand these proceedings.."
Mr. Izzi said he was ok to testify, but at the same time acted very agitated, looking around at the audience, looking at the plaintiff, and gesturing.   
At some level observing the proceedings I began to have some sympathy for Mr. Izzi - he seemed sincere (alluding in an ego diminishing way to certain of his personal issues) or maybe he was just so nervous in Court?
Izzi's distracted and convoluted and apologetic and seemingly sincere explanation of why he was unable to give the lady any money back - "I usually take by meds in the morning, your Honor" - "They are almost out of date and I need to have by psychiatrist write up another prescription".   Izzi mentioned other random things:  "The space where the car was parked has been sold, your Honor".
I could see the Judge was perplexed, baffled: what was the call the judge would make?  
What would be the point of the Judge making a determination on the facts if Mr. Izzi was confused to the point that he couldn't perform what the Judge determined Izzi must do?
The Judge turned in his swivel chair and addressed the  plaintiff lady:   "Ma'am, if I were you I would leave well enough alone".   The Judge spoke as if the patient, Mr. Izzi, was not in the room - was out of hearing range.  "In my experience your pursuit of this claim is impractical and you should call it a day".  "Pursuing this claim - whether right or wrong - will result only in further loss to you".
I don't recall what the Judge's actual ruling on the plaintiff's claim  was in dollars owed to the plaintiff by Mr. Izzi.   Maybe the Judge awarded the plaintiff the amount she requested in her small claims complaint.   What I do recall is the Judge's statement that the plaintiff was wasting her time - that chasing Izzi was futile.  
I'll bet the lady never got a dime back from Izzi.  
As I walked out of the Court house I met Mr. Sherman.   I asked Sherman what was up with the Izzi guy.   Insane? or clever like a fox?
Over the years I have bumped into similar Izzi scenarios.   These scenarios comprise a pattern of what appear to be sincere gaffes and embarrassing personal information revealed - coupled with confusing counter statements and factual details let out publicly which may be detrimental to the person who is defending themselves.   
We see this with Donald Trump day in and day out.  We see it with Trump's spokesperson Mr. Rudy Giuliani.    Crazy or fox?

We see it with others I won't mention here.  

It's a defense...I now call it the Steve Izzi defense.   And it works!
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