Jackie O tapes blame Lyndon Johnson

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The Kennedy Vaults in Boston will become available long enough to produce a series of videos that will prove questionable. The infamous “Jackie O videos,” which were documented by historian Arthur Schlesinger Jr. months after President John F. Kennedy's assassination on Nov 22, 1963, will soon be revealed to the public. Jacqueline Onassis apparently thought that Lyndon Johnson and a “cabal of Texas tycoons” were in charge of Kennedy's murder. I found this here: Jackie O tapes implicate LBJ in Kennedy assassination

Jackie O alleged conspiracy

The Daily Mail reports that the Jackie O tapes will clearly show her suspicion of President Kennedy's heir. Kennedy’s assassination, as reported by Onassis who married Aristotle Onassis eventually, had to have been put together by Vice President Lyndon Johnson and group of United States businessmen in the South. Jackie O also thought that alleged gunman Lee Harvey Oswald was involved. He was just part of the conspiracy that was going to occur.

Jackie Onassis said that the videos could not come out until she had been deceased for 50 years, as reported by the Daily Mail. She seemed to have been concerned that she and her family would be persecuted for these revelations, although it is unclear what the actual reasons for this are.

Permission for launch received from daughter

Sixty four year old Carline Kennedy agreed that the Jackie O tapes could be produced just 17 years after Jackie O’s death occurred from cancer. The BBC is doing negotiations to get the programs aired while ABC cemented plans. Already, ABC is talking about it. They say the statements made in the recordings are “explosive.”

A serious condition of the release is that ABC wouldn't air its dramatic series about the Kennedy family in which Katie Holmes plays Jacqueline Onassis. An independent channel on BBC2 in the United Kingdom already played a few of the episodes, even though Caroline didn't want it to be played.

19-year old intern extramarital relationship

In addition to her opinions concerning LBJ and the John F. Kennedy murder, Jackie Onassis apparently reveals her knowledge that President Kennedy had an affair with a 19-year-old White House intern. Biographer Edward Klein writes about other affairs that Jackie O herself had, that she admits to on the videos. This contains affair with Fiat automobile founder Gianni Agnelli and actor William Holden. Many believed that Jon and Jacqueline had “turned a corner.” They were preparing kids before Kennedy was assassinated months later.

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