Just Brilliant in Clevehoga

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Mon, 01/04/2010 - 19:36.
image jeff buster 3.03.08 james jimmy dimora cuyahoga county commissioner
The image is of Cuyahoga County Commissioner James Dimora taken on March 13, 2008. We were going up in the elevator in the County Offices in Downtown Cleveland.
Mr. Dimora had been up all night (note dark shadows under eyes) with Fred the Fixer Nance from the Cleveland Office of Squire Sanders working out the MED CON deal in secret because of all the other competing corporate interests in a MED CON in CLEVELAND. 
Mr. Dimora was ecstatic. He was humming if not almost singing. “We’ ve got a Deal, We’ve got a DEAL!”
I was a little surprised that the Commissioner was letting the cat out of the bag even before we got into the Commission Chambers where all the TV and other media were lined up.
Commissioner Hagan, to avoid open meeting law issues, was brilliant to put Mr. Dimora into the secret discussions with Fixer and Chris.    By only having one of the three commissioners present in the secret meetings, there was no quorum present of the Commission – and thus the open meeting laws did not apply.
That was a brilliant public interest strategy.
And Commissioner Jones should be credited with brilliance too. Because he lamely did not vote "yes" for the un-voted sales tax increase, and then did nothing more.  Brilliant.
One thing is clear in the BIG picture – Clevehoga has top shelf public and private leadership.


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