Submitted by lmcshane on Sun, 08/07/2011 - 10:08.

Your tomatoes look great!

I can hardly take my eyes off of them. They look so real I feel I can almost reach out and grab one.


This is all volunteer work.  One of the things we feel that is a missing piece of the puzzle in local food is preserving.  You can visit our website:

The website for NxGen Preserve is still in development stages but can be viewed at

Check out the web sites posted by this all volunteer effort.  It's impressive.  As someone who dabbles in food production, I can tell you it's a whole hell of a lot of WORK.  And, it's not easy.  This past summer, I have had to haul water to our little community plot (long story), and just as the squash plants put out blossoms, they were hit by the squash vine borer.  And, even the crops that did come up (BEANS!) need to be harvested and stored. 

As Nexgen shows--canning/preserving is the key, labor-intensive step.

I am grateful that you have signed on here. We need your energy level and commitment in NEO.  Thanks for all you do.  Photos in the header were taken last year at a home garden located on the near west side--this couple put a lot of effort into their yard and sell at the Gordon Square Market.