This letter is in response to the article "Forty Seeds of Literacy students celebrate passing GED tests".

Submitted by JOEBIALEK on Sun, 01/02/2011 - 22:56.

I spent a brief time with Seeds of Literacy as a volunteer tutor back in the
Summer/Fall of 2009.  Let me state first that it is probably one of the best
run non-profit organizations I have ever worked with.  The students are very
focused right from the get-go and the Site Coordinators and volunteers are
very hard working albeit somewhat overwhelmed at times.  You get a good
feeling the moment the elevator door opens...kind of like a "I guess we're
not in Kansas anymore".   The office has a very professional appearance and
it is clear what the goals of the organization are.  Everyone from the
Executive Director on down is very kind and welcoming.  You sense their
empathy and concern for each student and what is better the students react
with a positive working attitude and drive to succeed.  Perhaps one day
{along the spirit of Mr. Holland's Opus} one or more of the late-blooming
graduates will return to Seeds of Literacy with their life-changing story
{and maybe a donation} to give testimony to the fact that from seeds one can
grow great things and shed the leaves of success upon the next generations.
Congratulations Seeds of Literacy; in the words of Carly Simon {Nobody Does
it Better} "baby you're the best."

Joe Bialek
Cleveland, OH

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