Midweek Severe Storm Risk Includes Derecho-cleveland (our predictors other species - insect sisters-brothers warning danger)

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(UPDATE: the commanding power of prayer works at times - cleveland by-passed by storm so far) Cities in the path of the storms include Sioux Falls, S.D., Des Moines, Iowa, Chicago, Indianapolis, Detroit, Cleveland, Cincinnati , Pittsburgh and Charleston, W.Va.

Complexes of strong, drenching and locally severe thunderstorms will reach from parts of South Dakota and Nebraska to Illinois, Ohio, western Pennsylvania and the Virginias during the middle of this week.

Part of this area could be hit by an intense thunderstorm complex, known as a derecho.

The pattern of thunderstorm complexes has the potential to bring localized incidents of flash flooding, damaging wind gusts, hail and frequent lightning strikes along a 1,000-mile swath spanning Tuesday, Wednesday and perhaps Thursday.

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