Mitt's an Ex-Gov from Massachusetts - but Mass will overwhelmingly vote for President Obama. What Gives?

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Tue, 10/30/2012 - 18:06.

mitt romney after primary voting in belmont mass with wife anne

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Mitt Romney was governor in Massachusetts when in 2006 the state legislated  Commonwealth Care, an all - citizen healtcare

The health care legislation has been well received by Massachusetts in the seven years since it was legislated. 

So why are the polls in Massachusetts showing President Barack Obama 30 percentage points ahead of Republican candidate Mitt Romney?

Before you attempt to answer that question,  please recall that Massachusetts was the ONLY STATE THAT VOTED FOR GEORGE MCGOVERN.   Massachusetts cast its electoral college votes for Mr. McGovern because Massachusetts recognized that the Viet Nam War was a disaster which the USA had to exit. 

According to Wikipedia, McGovern's presidential platform included the following:

McGovern ran on a platform that advocated withdrawal from the Vietnam War in exchange for the return of American prisoners of war[166] and amnesty for draft evaders who had left the country.[167] McGovern's platform also included an across-the-board, 37-percent reduction in defense spending over three years.[168] He proposed a "demogrant" program that would give a $1,000 payment to every citizen in America.[169] Based around existing ideas such as the negative income tax and intended to replace the welfare bureaucracy and complicated maze of existing public-assistance programs, it nonetheless garnered considerable derision as a poorly thought out "liberal giveaway" (and was dropped from the platform in August).[150][169][170][nb 10]


Let's face it, in 1972 Massachusetts was correct about Viet Nam and their support for Mr. McGovern.

So, for those who like to rely on subtle indicators, what does Massachusett's lack of support for their ex-Governor mean?



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