Finding a Needle in a Haystack - no problem with web - what type of needle do you want?

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Thu, 01/26/2012 - 13:39.

With the internet, finding a needle in a haystack is no longer an issue. 

I just put the following item up on a Craigslist site.   Let's see what happens!

VolksWagen VW 6 volt Eberspacher gas heater which appears to be complete. The model number of the unit appears to be K5. (see nomenclature plate in image above). I have had this unit in my garage for about 30 years - the metal is completely sound. Has heat output of 3200 k/cal per hour which I believe is for a Van not a bug. I did not take the unit out of the original vehicle. Because the nomenclature plate reads "Germany" and not "West Germany" this unit could be from the 1930s or 40s - pre WWII. The device (Gerat) number is 8478. is a web site which describes the installation of another model of gas vw heater. I got the link from this site

On Ebay similar heaters run anywhere from $100 to $600. I am starting at $400 for this unit. If my price is out of whack, please email me (click on name at top of this article)  with comparable sales and I will get in line.  The last image is just a joke! Image is from Google image page here

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