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The articles below are from the City of Cleveland approved newsletter publication, CINTRON'S CHRONICLES that were published in 1999.

Councilman Nelson Cintron’s
Historical Accomplishments
with the dedication, collaboration, and investments of enumerable vital participants!
1.       $5,000,000 Invested in West Side Market Area
2.       LincolnMiddle School, Promoting Non Smoking with VP Al Gore & Congressman Dennis Kucinich
3.       Addressed the City Club March 1999
4.       Supported workers to be represented by Union at Peterson Nut Co.
5.       Assisted in locating new Veterans Outpatient Clinic at McCafferty House at West 41st & Lorain
6.       Rite Aid opens on Fulton/Clark.
7.       Hollywood Video opened at Fulton/Lorain.
8.       LutheranHospital invests millions, completes a massive restructuring, new main entrance and expanded parking.
9.       OrchardPark development of scattered houses and plans for 34 new homes at West 41st and Bailey.
10.   THE CMFBuilding. (LinOmniCenter) was purchased and by Lin Omni with development of office space and an International Food Court.
11.   Clinton Terrace will be a new complex of ten Townhouses at West 32nd and Clinton.
12.   Planning for the HARP, an Irish Restaurant on Detroit and West 44th.
13.   "Lake Effect" restaurant planned featuring a piano bar.
14.   Cleveland Paper Stock Co. on Fulton and Vega collaboration to replace the fence, eliminate graffiti and sustain ongoing cleanup.
15.   LJ Minor Co at 2621 West 25th Street expansion. Houses demolished making way for new TechnicalCulinaryCenter. A Packaging Room Addition to open in Fall 2000. Approximately $8 million project will create 40 new jobs.
16.   St.IgnatiusHigh School constructs St. Mary's Chapel which will seat 400 students.
17.   North Coast Food Service is reconstructing the building across from the West Side Market.
18.   Home Repair Incentive Grant Program matching grant of up to $500.00 for exterior repairs is available to all homeowners.
1.       91 Chuckholes filled in
2.       10 Street Cave Ins filled in
3.       12 Piles of debris removed
4.       34 Cases of Graffiti cleaned up
5.       6 New Guard Rails installed
6.       80 Utility Cuts in Streets
7.       $201,900 worth of Resurfaced Streets:
8.       Humanitarian Mission to Puerto Rico after Hurricane Georges
9.       Spanish American Committee started new housing program with grant from Sisters of Charity, Tremont Avenue Day Care Center, First Bi-Lingual Boy Scout Troop and Cub Scouts of Northern Ohio.
10.   First Annual Bargain Box Toy Sale organized by the Junior League of Cleveland to Ward 14 held at United Church of Christ on Bridge Ave. (Dec. 1998). No toy was more than $4.00.
11.   Celebrated the largest Puerto Rican Parade with 4 days of events  in Cleveland's history.
12.   ESPERANZA provides hope to the Hispanic community with academic tutoring, mentoring, college and career guidance counseling and scholarship assistance through their services.
13.   HUMADOP (Hispanic Urban Minority Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Outreach Program) empowers the Hispanic Community to eliminate the negative impact of HIV/AIDS, alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs through culturally sensitive prevention, education, interventon, and treatment services.
14.   St. Rocco's Annual Festival was better than ever.
15.   CLEAN UP TRAIN AVENUE with Painting of Murals  by Americorp volunteers and they joined  local residents to complete some major clean up.
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