New Fireball Sightings in Saudi Arabia and Florida 2/17-18

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The video at the bottom of the page began to go viral sometime in the past few hours, apparently showing another meteor falling from the sky, this time in Saudi Arabia.

There were also similar reports from Miami, According to CBS News:

“A strange sight in the skies over Broward County caused some concerned people to call the Broward Sheriff’s Office and the U.S. Coast Guard Sunday night when streaking lights were seen over the ocean around Hallandale Beach and points northward.

A CBS 4 employee was the first to call and report the possible meteor or fireball streaking across the sky. BSO and the Coast Guard then reported they too were receiving calls.

Some people thought it was a flare from a distressed boater but the Coast Guard said that wasn’t the case. Turns out, it was a sporadic fireball meteor, according to Mike Hankey with the American Meteor Society.



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