Nickel Plate Road remembered, Cleveland Ohio

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Mon, 05/10/2010 - 22:05.
Nickel Plate Road remembered, Cleveland Ohio

very worn, this Nickel Plate Road sign on the viaduct across the Cuyahoga Valley near the lift bridge on E9th Street in Cleveland, Ohio, is historic.nickel plate road sign flats off E 9th cleveland ohio image jeff buster 5.8.10

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Another amazing header

One of the main reasons--I come back to REALNEO, time and time, again.

Bravo on today's header.

Pondering a future that looks like the past.

Perhaps it reads Nickel Plated Roads

Thanks lmcshane.   I noticed that the sign may at one time have read "Nickel Plated Roads", not Nickel Plate Road.  

I think I see a very faded "D" in the panel at the end of "plate", and perhaps an "S" in the furthest RH panel.

There is some substantiation for this interpretation under Origins of nickel plate nickname here on Wikipedia.

preserving the sign

 any chance of that happening? I read the Wikipedia link and enjoyed the brief history lesson. Is there anyone in town who preserves signs like this?