Norm Roulet's image of the floor of the store where Salim Alsoliman was murdered -

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Thu, 02/23/2012 - 23:18.


Mr. James Rokakis, ex Cuyahoga County Treasurer and new land bank guy, in response to very appropriate questions about transparency of the land bank from Cleveland City Councilman Brian Cummins at the  City Club of Cleveland, made a few disparaging comments about "citizen journalists" who were "up at 3 am" posting unflattering comments about JR to the internet.

The image above - taken at 3:30 AM of the bloody floor of the convenience store in which Salim Alsoliman was murderd- is an image which Norm Roulet recognized  the night of the murder. 

As far as journalism goes, (citizen or otherwise) IMHO, there isn't superior reportage than Citizen Norm's.   Even at 3:30 am.

Transparency and accountability,  if requested by citizens in their middle of the night internet rants, (or by Councilman Cummins at the City Club)  isn't a bad thing, Mr. Rokakis, trust me.

What's the LB plan for accountability?

I didn't hear a plan for transparency and accountability  in your response to Councilman Cummins - or to those "citizen journalists"! 

Please fill us in....




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