Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown to Obama: White House "should not take progressives for granted"

Submitted by Eternity on Mon, 09/07/2009 - 14:01.

Max Eternity - From the Think Progress website it is been reported that in just one day, more than 200 former Obama staffers, combined with 13,000 Obama volunteers and 23,000 Obama donors, signed a petition sponsored by the Progressive Change Committee, which stated in part that a healthcare bill without a public option "would not be change we can believe in." 

With many high profile progressives in politics and the media, like Bill Moyers and Nancy Pelosi for instance, having already expressed dissappointment in President Obama's "namby pamby" approach to reform, the petition is the latest sign of discontent that illustrates just how deep the divide has grown between Obama and his base.  Additionally, yet another member of his own party, Senator Sherrod Brown, an Ohio Democrat has stated “The most important thing is the public option.” To this Brown also said “I don’t know for sure if I would support it with out a public option but it would be hard to get there…. We’re not going through this to write some namby pamby bill so we can check a box and say we did health care reform.“  Click here for Think Progress.

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