PATHETIC: Ferguson protesters DISRUPT ceremony honoring 100-YEAR-OLD Veteran!!

Submitted by JohnDoe on Sun, 01/04/2015 - 22:23.

 This is how pathetic the Ferguson protest losers are – they have so little respect for anything that they’d interrupt a ceremony honoring a 100-year-old veteran.




U.S. Navy veteran Dario Raschio was all smiles Saturday as he awaited a special honor from U.S. Sen. Ron Wyden, who joined him at Portland Community College’s Southeast Campus to present the 100-year-old with a handful of medals.
“I feel I’m no hero,” said Raschio, dynamic and spry, before the event. “I don’t accept it as being a hero. I accept it as being a part of my job.”
Shortly after Wyden began speaking, though, protesters erupted in the back of the room, shouting “hands-up, don’t shoot!” More than 100 pushed through the doors, banged on the windows from outside and hoisted signs.
He actually took the microphone and asked to speak to the degenerate maggots protesting, but they continued on:
A protester at the front of the room announced that “for 4.5 minutes we are going to take time to pay respect to everybody who has been killed by police in this nation.”
With that, the chanting began again. At 3:15, after waiting 45 minutes for the meeting to begin, organizers called it off.
Please share this so that more Americans, who love and revere the military, know just what little respect these cockroach protesters have for our veterans.

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