People not Mascots"-AIEC annual Christmas Party Pilgrim Congregational Church 2592 W. 14th - tremont - we expect 450 famlies

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To Whom It May Concern: In Cuyahoga Country there are approximately12,000 Native Americans and over 70% of these families are low income. During this holiday season many families go without the traditional feasts and presents.  However, at the American Indian Education Center we try to make the holidays brighter for Native American children.

In December  The American Indian Education Center will hold its annual Christmas Party at The Pilgrim Congregational Church located at 2592 W. 14th Street and we expect 450 families to attend. In these increasingly more difficult economic times, we are encountering severe barriers in the procurement of gifts and toys for the children of our Native families.   Please consider supporting our Children through a monetary donation and or new toys, as you have in the past.  These may be the only gifts our Native children receive this Christmas.


The American Indian Education Center is the only 501(c)3 Native American community center in Cuyahoga County. We have helped families with: food and clothing donations; tutoring; culture classes; diabetes/AIDS testing;  housing programs with HUD to own your own home; employment services; our annual Father’s Day Powwow at Edgewater Park; our family Christmas party; the yearly Halloween party and Haunted House visit; and, our Youth Committee, which is our most important asset. -- “They  are our future.”  These are all unfunded programs and are supported by donations or run out-of-pocket by AIEC staff.  We have provided  grant-funded programs such as a Smoking Cessation Program and a Strengthening Native American Families program (both of which are funded by the Ohio Tobacco Prevention Foundation); and, an Asthma Education Program which was funded by the Ohio Minority Health Commission,A Red Road native American based Drug and Alcohol Program , In addition a Mental health Needs Assessment  as we have the highest Per Ca pita Suicide rate in the United States,a Department Of Justice Re-Entry program  and a 21 Century Ohio Department of Education tutoring program .We are between funding making it difficult to maintain a home base until we receive new funding , a process which could take 12 months ,funding is secured through a highly competitive bidding process based on past accomplishments, number of organizations bidding and Projected Goals .Unfortunately, those funds are program specific and are earmarked, by the funding organizations and under very strict guidelines, for use in the programs to which they have been allocated.  No robbing Peter to pay Paul allowed (a concept with which many people have difficulty).  We can not, therefore, use any of that money to help pay for the Christmas party or the children’s gifts. 


Please consider helping us once again with your donation to make this Christmas special for Native American children. We are happy to declare your support on all our written materials .  Any contribution is greatly appreciated and may be itemized as a charitable deduction under the Internal Revenue Service rules governing 501(c)3 tax exempt organizations.

Should you have any questions or need supporting documentation it can be obtained by contacting AIEC at 216-351-4488.


Thank You

Robert Roche
Executive Director
American Indian Education Center











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