"A Perfect Storm For A Hemp Farm Bill, And It's Time..." - Hemp Industries Association President Steve Levine, 11/08/2010

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Hemp Industries Association (HIA) President Steve Levine - speaking to membership at the 2010 Annual HIA Convention, November 08, 2010, in San Francisco - discusses his expectation that California will pass and enact into law a Hemp Farm Bill in 2011 - "Definitely in 2012 it (hemp) will be grown in California" - "there is talk there may be some hemp grown in 2011". Steve indicates developments are positive for a 2011 version of Ron Paul's Federal Hemp Farm Bill to pass congress and become Federal law in 2011, making it legal to farm hemp nationwide in 2012 - "as hempsters, we did not lose one of our sponsors for the bill - all 25 were re-elected". This is one of the most important economic development forecasts for America of the 21st Century, to-date.

At the end of this segment of Steve Levine's presentation, attendee Norm Roulet, from Ohio, announces he has proposed similar legislation in Ohio - Levine responds "we can all participate in getting this done".

As Ohio Representative John Boehner is now Speaker of the House of Representatives, Ohio leadership may play the most important role in the nation in moving industrial hemp legislation forward through congress. Two farmers from Ohio, who attended the 2010 HIA Conference (and are already active growing hemp in South America), expressed confidence Boehner and the new Governor of Ohio, John Kasich, will be supportive of passage of Ohio and national hemp farm bills in support of growing national employment and economic development.

Regardless of developments in Ohio and America... with Jerry Brown the newly elected Governor of California, Steve Levine and HIA and hemp-industry leadership are confident a hemp farm bill will pass and be signed into law in California in 2011.

As Steve Levine says in this video, we have "a perfect storm for a hemp farm bill".

Are you ready for a new hemp economy in America? God knows we need this.

For more information...

Hemp Industries Association: http://www.thehia.org/

Vote Hemp: http://www.votehemp.com/

Hemp History Week: http://www.hemphistoryweek.com/

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