play job lotto, could be maddening fun or just make you mad!

Submitted by rnojonson on Tue, 02/16/2010 - 12:18.

Play the job lotto, it's easy. Post your resume on the net, apply for every job where the shoe fits and wait for your number to be called. Some employers will post all sorts of contact info and yet say "no phone calls please". Some are required to collect so many applicants to be a sample pool, but the boss's nephew is singled out already. The fresh faced youth's first job is so important for his success. What, he has few job specific skills, no training, no experience, but he is a crony.

Headhunters so bent on matching the asking description of clients, it's not possible to fill. HR folks who can't look past your frustration. I am raggety looking because I can't afford a Falini suit and I haven't worked in so long I am not as sharp as you think I should be if I were actually the best canidate for the position. "I've been so busy looking for work I am out of practice and distracted thinking about what other kinds of work I can do", is not the kind of thing you say in an interview.

I play, get the response; "your resume has been submitted, yeaaaaaaah!" then the caveat, "don't feel bad if you don't get a response fron this employer". Finally a canned response from the employer, "thank you for submitting a resume for this position, if you meet our requirements HR will contact you, in any event we will keep your resume in our database in case future opportunities become available that you might be qualified for." What kind of person are you guys looking for anyway???

When you play the job lotto, there is no fun, it is more than serious, the prior obligations and financial committments along with expectations are all looming over head (sword of Domaclese). If I walk into the interview with anything but enthusiasm to work for this company, I am shot by the first handshake.

Relax, keep playing, odds are, you'll have fun!

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