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Submitted by shade on Mon, 03/21/2011 - 21:37.

Request for olive branch between Lily Miller and Betty Brown

Submitted by JournalistKathy... on March 20, 2011 - 3:58am.

I hope Lily Miller and Betty Brown reach an accord. I like both of them and their fight makes me uncomfortable---Kathy Wray Coleman

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this is not a fight

between Lily and Betty.

Betty has made accusations and slandered me, and apologized, then did it again. She keeps leveling threats, and is attempting blackmail to subvert the freedom of speech to several posters and to this site.

What would you do, Kathy, if those elected officials and public servants came on to realneo to say that you misrepresent the facts in the Sowell case, and that if you did not delete your posts that " those skeletons in your closet will be front page on this site, and it isn’t pretty' and "Along of course, with all of your friends shown in a bad way, contacts, ECT' and "Not to be smug, but I believe I have assets and such, more than the three of you, combined" and "I am letting you know this, due to if this trashing thread isn't removed I will use some of whatever it takes to make me happy" ?

You have made some strong statements about how the City failed, and continues to fail, Black women. What would you do if you were told that your facts were all wrong and that you would be punished in the above manner for doing so? 



sure, when U post. it's Ok? but then when another posts it is

called accusations and slander, how funny is that?? ROTFWL (My accusation to you was that you were Truth b told, (who I then proved was Lily Miller) and sorry if you too thought that was slander - and yep, for such a minor infraction, I said sorry.

However, as we can plainly see, you three love to twist things, and dislike it when the ball is in another's court.  I have made no threat to Lily Miller (but tit for tat)  but it appears Ms. Debra S. had a person say she threaten to kill her in a police report (something I have never had brought against me) The threat is public documentation you all are not so much of 'queen bees'

as you think you are.  Or --- well, hafta wait and see, plan A was to ask trash be removed, plan B was to make a deal, plan C will involve something or someone else.

huummmm, Betty

PS> I know Kathy, it is really sad to see no rules on a site like this, that could have great potental, but nope. Others would rather drag it down. Thank you tho - yes, you know I am fair and will honor my words, that olive branch was/ is my 'let's make a deal'. I am done posting to reply to any of their trash. Let them have at it so others can see their .........


The problem is, America is NOT a Democracy - it is a Republic! As our Founding Fathers established, can we keep it?


given your association

with resistnet and that you have a felon living in your house that preys on women, how is this statement from you not a threat:

as you think you are.  Or --- well, hafta wait and see, plan A was to ask trash be removed, plan B was to make a deal, plan C will involve something or someone else. 


I have

NOTHING to apologize for.

Educate yourself, please, Ms. Kathy.

Unless of course, you are one of the Citizens Sovereign Movement. In that case, I suggest you might seek psychiatric help.


and for purposes of clarification (although this was cleared up years ago, it was years ago and so might be hard to find again)

The police report (NEVER any charges) was filed by a Tremont West Development Corporation board member who was upset at me because I was part of a group blowing the whistle on their tactics to cleanse Tremont through abuse of housing code enforcement.

I have never in my life been evicted from anywhere. That was the point of that statement, if you read the comment in its context (notice that link was not included).

I have never in my entire life threatened to kill anyone.


I have never heard of the

I have only glanced over the responses and have not gotten in too deep. I have never heard of the Citizens Sovereign Movement until last week when I read this site and do not belong to it. You women are talented writers and I do not want it to be overlooked by the discontent--Just a suggestion though, where I do believe in free speech on issues of public concern---Kathy Wray Coleman-


I'm relieved Kathy

I like the issues you bring here. Cleveland can be very divided racially and its important that complaints of racism come to light - because the issues certainly exist, and our corporate media does not always cover them accurately, if at all.

I too believe in free speech, and recently exercised it in defense. Some people don't like that.

RealNEO has a policy of removing "spam" - we get posts here that are obviously intended to drive traffic to another site that is promoting a "commerce", loosely termed. Its just most of those spammers don't take the time to insult and threaten half our members while they do it.

Some think Betty's posts are not spam because she adds "content". I think the content is purely to drive and Betty defines a new low.



I enjoy reading your material.   Keep writing!

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