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April 23, 2013

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Such drastic measures one must take in an effort to DISRUPT the CUYAHOGA COUNTY LAND BANK.




Over the past eight months, I have made numerous complaints with several local public offiicials and agencies regarding GUS FRANGOS - president of the Cuyahoga County Land Bank.



All of my complaints were basically ignored and covered up.    Most of the public officials did not even bother responding to my numerous complaints that were backed up with evidence that I had to collect myself.



To my knowledge, my complaint was never investigated.  If my complaint was investigated, I was never contacted or asked any questions.  Can't really investigate my complaint without asking me details on what I am complaining about and if I have any evidence to support my complaint.



I, a private tax paying citizen, had to spend hundreds of hours investigating Gus Frangos, the Cuyahoga County Land Bank, and numerous others MYSELF.  This is one hell of a new government that we have in Cuyahoga County.





Gus Frangos- President of the Cuyahoga County Land Bank- is hiding property behind numerous LLCs,.  


Although Gus Frangos' six figure salary is paid via the collection of delinquent property taxes, Gus Frangos has failed to pay property taxes for YEARS on all of his numerous shell LLCs.


Gus Frangos lost one of his shelll LLCs -   1158 East 61st Street LLC - to a delinquent property tax foreclosure.   The second and final sheriff sale was yesterday, April 22, 2013.  There were no bidders, so now Gus Frangos' shell LLC - which he failed to pay property taxes for years AND failed to pay his over inflated mortgage - will now default to the Cuyahoga County Land Bank.    

Gus Frangos WALKED away from his financial obligation to Cuyahoga County AND his mortgage company.  Frangos incorporated this LLC, signed the mortgage as 'member of 1158 East 61 LLC', collected rent for many years, and then just walked away.


Now the same exact property that Frangos just lost via delinquent property tax foreclosure is again in his control via the Cuyahoga County Land Bank.   This ain't high math here folks.   This is a conflict of interest and a scam.  A violation of the public's trust.


Gus Frangos is basically begging the federal government for millions of dollars for demolition alleging that one vacant and vandalized house destroys an entire neighborhood. Meanwhile  Gus Frangos HIMSELF has blighted an entire neighborhood with numerous properties - also hidden behind a LLC and tax delinquent for years with recent foreclosure filings .   Photos of the disgusting houses - which look like a war zone - can be viewed here    http://realneo.us/content/gus-frangos-president-cuyahoga-county-land-bank-and-his-shell-llc-properties-new-photos


There are numerous other issues with Gus Frangos which all show a pattern of deceit.   Deceit that is not worthy of a six figure salary.


There are also numerous issues with the land bank giving property to out-of-state LLC flippers which are all connected to each other.

The land bank and community development organizations are giving or nearly giving away property to another connected LLC which owes Cuyahoga County nearly $10,000 in delinquent property taxes.  This LLC flipped the property within two hours of the land bank transfer for a profit of over $50,000 and NEVER PAID HIS DELINQUENT PROPERTY TAXES.

And then we get into the preferential treatment for Jason Brooks- the middle man for the out-of-state flippers.   Meetings with connected flippers in coffee shops.


Further research shows a complaint filed with the Cuyahoga County Fiscal Office over two properties sold by the county land bank.  The complaint alleges two $5,000 payments for two separate properties sold by the land bank; however county records reflect a $0 selling price.   Where did the the $10,000 go that was wired for these houses and why do county records reflect zero dollars?


Gus Frangos can NOT be trusted with millions of dollars and thousands of parcels of land.   He is unworthy of a six figure salary.



Details on the numerous other scams with Gus Frangos, Cuyahoga County Land Bank, and Community Development Corporations can be found here http://realneo.us/blogs/lmiller



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