Reuters News Agency Reports Massive Fireball Strikes Marquesas Islands On 12-21-12 NASA denied & threaten us not sensationalize

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(its a matter of time before we are hit) EIAO, MARQUESAS ISLANDS- Just when you thought the dreaded Apocalypse predicted to occur by the Mayans on December 21, 2012 was about to die down quietly, new reports coming out of the tiny Marquesas Islands in the Pacific Ocean are bound to startle many people around the world. Reuters is reporting a massive fireball striking the island of Eiao, at around noon, island time. The above aerial picture was taken an hour after the alleged impact of the unknown object.

The island of Eiao in the Marquesas Islands chain is the largest in the group and belong to French Polynesia. As of a census count in 2007, the entire Marquesas Islands were home to some 8632 inhabitants. It is unclear at this point in time if there are any casualties or injuries associated with this incident. Reuters has been unable to confirm either. has been in touch with one island resident who says she witnessed the fireball high up in the azure blue sky around noontime. She spoke to us on the condition that her name not be revealed due to an unknown fear she would not specify.

“It was like a flash of light raining down from the sky toward our island,” she said. “It appeared to be a huge fireball and it blinded me for a moment, I had to shield my eyes from the sky. A few moments later I heard a massive boom like an explosion and the ground beneath my feet shook with great force. I heard people screaming around me, crying in the confusion. My first thought was to fetch my twin boys from school before another attack. As I ran to the school, which is a small hut on the other side of Eiao, I heard the strong smell of burning foliage. I knew there was a fire somewhere on our island. I reached the school just in time as other parents rushed to get their children. It was a scary moment in my life and yet, as I speak to you know, there are many fires still raging on our island. The majority of the residents are huddled along the beach towards the south, as the fires rage along the northern side of Eiao.”

It is unclear at this moment in time what the object that struck Eiao really is and if there is any connection whatsoever to the Mayan prophecy leading to an abrupt Apocalypse on this day, December 21, 2012. It is also unclear if authorities from Australia or the United States will be dispatched to find out what really happened on Eiao today. One thing, however, is definitely certain.

“Everyone is afraid here,” said the Eiao resident who spoke to “There is a dreaded feeling of impending doom. We are wondering if there will be another fireball raining down from the heavens tomorrow or the next day. It will be hard to sleep this night.” called NASA to speak with a representative regarding the purported fireball strike over Eiao. We were told no such event occurred today and that any attempt to sensationalize this story would lead to serious consequences. We were then hung up on before we had a chance to ask if the object could have been a very small meteor or asteroid fragment.

Please check back for further updates on this breaking story as details are still coming in during this early stage of news gathering. We will have more on this story shortly.


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