RIP: BRENT THOMPSON of "LET'S WRAP" restaurant dies in California

Submitted by ANGELnWard14 on Mon, 07/27/2009 - 01:51.
Nelson Cintron Jr. notified me today that he has received a phone call citing that Brent Thompson has passed away in California over the weekend. I personally have never met/heard of this man. However, I share with the community at large who may have had experience with him. My condolences to those who may have known him.
My google of his name found this link.

Brent Thompson, owner of Let’s Wrap at W. 25th and Clark, was instrumental in organizing the security camera and police patrol program. Although area businesses also contribute to the security program, he says the program will not be able to continue without Clark Metro’s contribution. He says the decision to cut Clark Metro’s funding has set the effort back three years. He blames Councilman Santiago for the cuts and says the Councilman, despite being invited, has not attended regular meetings held by area businesses organized with the help of Clark Metro Development Corporation.

Thompson, a board member of Clark Metro Development Corporation, says the philosophy of Clark Metro Development’s Board of Trustees has been, “We don’t want poor people to be displaced in order to build community. It means we will take a longer road, but our results will have more duration.”

As a board member Thompson says he is committed to continuing the struggle. “We’ve got to save our community development corporation. It is still going to be here. But it is going to be so diminished.”

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