Security concerns for Android application development

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Android operating system is quickly becoming the most used mobile platform. The open-source architecture while has attracted developers it may also have a downside. Android application development is based on an open source architecture that makes some people believe that it is more vulnerable to hackers. The increasing number of android application development for Smartphone devices is due to its open-source architecture which makes it easy for developers to posts thousands of applications. As a result there are apprehensions that there may be some applications available that may cause harm to devices and customers.

Such a concern was voiced by Trend Micro Chairman Steve Chang. According to him Android being open-source makes it easy for the hacker to get to the underlying architecture and understand the source code. For that very reason people just might prefer Apple’s iOS platform that does not let the risk of viruses to run on iPhone. Chang speaks in favor of Apple’s sandbox concept.

The fear prevailing in the Android market is that there may be people who would be developing such code that gives access to personal information that the hacker might use to his advantage. However it must be seen if there is a real threat regarding the security issue for Android application development. According to a previous survey conducted by SMobile when applications in the Android market were analyzed it was revealed that around 20 percent required permission for such sensitive information that an attacker might use for any malicious purpose.

Google however is defensive about it. According to the logic provided by them Android has enough protection needed. It gives users control to allow which application to access their data and the permissions list also provides the user the right to prevent unauthorized application from doing anything harmful. The information helps users to decide what to download. Even if such an application is downloaded it is sandboxed on Android preventing the malware to have a minimum impact.

It is believed by security experts from mobile application development department that iOS and Android both have their own security standards where they achieve their end requirements in their own way.

The threats and security concerns for android application development that are being rumored are not being taken very seriously by an average user at the moment. All in all it must be considered that all systems are prone to malware.

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