Shopping Cart LifeStyle

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Fri, 06/07/2013 - 09:15.
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Shopping Cart Life Style - doesn't mean you don't have a job



The image above is on a street in New York City.   On this one block there were four lived-out-of shopping carts, each cabled or chained with a lock to a street tree or pole.

The red shopping cart also has a blue cooler chained to the tree.  

My sense from walking the area is that these carts may belong to taxi drivers - because there was a very active taxi garage nearby - and the drivers live on the street after their shift is over.  

Whatever the work/employment situation of the persons whose worldly belongings are in the carts - it is clear that the owners needed to leave their carts and locked them up so they didn't lose their cart and stuff. 

It is entirely possible that in NYC, or any other large city in the USA,  one could have a full time job and still have to live the Shopping Cart Life Style.

Shopping Cart Scrappers....West 65th Street

Just drive down West 65th between Storer and Clark any early morning to early afternoon and see the men and women push their carts to the scrap yards for some pocket change... God Bless them...trying to work by picking up cans, picking up scrap, digging through garbage, and getting people's old junk to run to the scrap yards.... and then the folks who gut the vacant buildings and houses throughout Cleveland bring shame upon the little people...Always corruption...always evil...everywhere you go.

Amazing photo JEFF! Thanks for posting. I almost took a photo of the train of carts being pushed by all kinds down West 65th Street in Cleveland got it covered.

Always Appreciative,

Plz take shopping cart images-record society's disfunction

 Here is a shopping cart scrapper - aluminum house siding - probably ripped down last night ...on Woodland at Tri-C bus stop...they aren't going to take the bus....

Cast iron is a lot heavier than aluminum...this fellow is pulling his shopping cart over the RTA tracks on the west side of Cleveland, Ohio - looks like Zone Park across the street.   This shopping cart does dual purpose, has multi purpose "zoning", commercial and residential shopping cart - top bin is for work,  lower shelf is residential....  

We've "got it all together" in Cleveland, and across the USA...


50th State has Shopping Cart LifeStyle too...

The  Shopping Cart LifeStyle isn't just a rust belt phenomina - in fact the LifeStyle may be more prevalent in warmer states.    

In Hawaii hiway berms are filled with tent camps of citizens living the Shopping Cart LifeStyle.

Viva America!

If it's metal, and I can move it in a shopping's gone


The Shopping Cart LifeStyle is hard work.

Can you pick up heavy objects?

almost the same as a United Parcel Service job .....

But no pension, no sick days, no health care, no nothing.....

The Truth Shall Set You Free Stamp Shopping Cart LifeStyle


City of Cleveland provides INCENTIVES TO SCRAPPERS: Job Security

They have allowed it in order to fulfill their 2020 Vision of Cleveland. Those master plans need grand slaves busting their asses prepping all the good homes (Destroying them) for the demo men to have job security....

Lots of prevention has been evaded by Cleveland leadership....

These scrappers serve a purpose...JOB SECURITY.

Police need something to write reports on now that they have lost over 700,000 people and have more police than ever! Woohoo.

The prosecutors, insurance adjusters, and everyone need something to do.... without PEOPLE...they need the remnants to create work for them....theft, vandalism, destruction, hmmm...that helps fill the voids....hunger...keep them hungry....meanwhile; this gives the CDC's a clear path to taking houses by adverse possession...and allegedly---REVITALIZING OUR TOWN>....

$3 billion in development in town...but how many CITY OF CLEVELAND RESIDENTS UNEMPLOYED, HOMELESS, NEEDY, even had a chance to qualify for all those jobs???

Seriously.....big jokes in wasteful government spending... steering out the good folks to the burbs so that they can return to work on these jobs while forgetting about the lifers! Woohoo....

Gotta go scrap some cans--need gas money to go south!

(BTW: Anyone with some scrap can holler at us....our family is on a mission to get enough gas money to go somewhere outside of the City Limits of Cleveland.)

33 aluminum cans equals 1 pound....and 1 pound pays you about .55-.65 cents....crushed, not bailed. Prices change daily. So, everyone with aluminum cans please start saving them and let me know when I can pick them up.....Thanks a million.... I only need about a ton.............
I got 2 cans already...who'd donating???? LOL.

Always Appreciative,

Meet Ed...I drove him cuz his shopping cart was in the garage


long scrap road - Shopping Cart LifeStyle for US Citizens


Bike Lifestyle also gets the job done....USA HuRRAY!


Image: Tremont, Cleveland Ohio, Lincoln Park going east fast


Cool pictures.

I drive by East 55th daily.  Lots of scrappers pushing carts in this area.  They always capture my attention and I was tempted to take a few photos myself on more than one occasion.

I noticed an African American male scrapper this past presidential election day.  He was smiling ear to ear - wearing an Obama shirt and " I voted today" sticker.  He still had Hope as he was pushing his loaded cart to cash in for pocket change.

Lots of hard work for a couple dollars.   The county should let these folks legally scrap just prior to demolitions.


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Land Bank INEQUITY and Congresswoman Fudge

 I got the chance yesterday to briefly address Congresswoman Fudge - I don't blame her for the situation we live with in Northeast Ohio, but I also don't expect her to look the other way. 

Too many public officials play DUMB, when it comes to the reality of the hardship INFLICTED upon certain sectors of the community in Northeast Ohio.  

I may not have expressed it well yesterday - but when our former county treasurer and his deputy treasurer (NOW Land Bank Director) hatched their plan for tax lien sales and changed the law to go after small tax lien holders and NOT to address their own egregious tax violations and those of the DIRTY DOZEN and others -especially Section 8 landlords - they started a parasitic cycle which continues to this day. Especially, affecting African-American residents and residents of the near east-west side and East Cleveland.  

I am writing up my letter to send to the Congresswoman's staff aide- here is his address:

Stephen.Caviness (at) 


Representative Marcia L. Fudge
11th District Congress
1019 Longworth Building
Washingto, D.C. 20515