Submitted by Jeff Buster on Sun, 01/03/2010 - 12:06.

4 png files combined as practice image jeff buster 01.02.10 sledding

PNG files allow a mash up of extracted objects from various images in Adobe Photoshop. 
The purpose of this mash up is to attempt to more realistically capture - and translate to a web audience - the energy of the youthful sledders.  
Yesterday, on a non-photographic mission,  I couldn’t resist stopping for about 3 ½ minutes to take a dozen frames of the sledders on a small slope.   
Later, on reviewing the images on the computer, in my opinion none captured the frolic, noise, thrills and excitement which was actually on display.  
Maybe a mash up would create a more realistic image.
By extracting individual sledders from the background of each image, creating png files of the extracted sled and sledder, and then using “file, place”, layers of each individual can be moved around, enlarged or contracted, moved forward or backward – kind of like putting paper clothes on a paper doll.  
Don’t believe any image you see as being “real”, but then again, the unreal image may be more truthful and emotionally accurate.  

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