Sniffing For Bombs: Meet America's most elite dogs (our adversarys want to discredit sophia as a service k-9 = their corrupt)

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They're about to test a new harness that America's best soldiers will use to jump into combat. But it's not for Corbin -- it's for Ax.

As they free-fall for nearly 10,000 feet at 125 miles an hour, Ax is wrapped in Corbin's arms. They've been to war together, nearly died together, and they never like to be too far apart.

Lara Logan: Do you think he enjoyed it?

Chris Corbin: He just wants to do whatever I'm doing, he doesn't care what it is.

Lara Logan: You've said that these dogs feel like they're invincible?

Chris Corbin: Absolutely.

Lara Logan: What makes you say that?

Chris Corbin: We don't train them to fail.



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