sophia honey yoga alerts us again with lincoln park swiming pool & tremont school wells could be used to save lives in disasters

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sophia honey yoga -great  k-9 partner - alerts us again with the lincoln park swiming pool and tremont school wells in tremont - cleveland - ohio - could be used to save lives in  disasters -

as we were walking our volunteer homeland security neighborhood watch yesterday - sophia stopped at the locked gates and stood about 5 minutes as sophia communitcated esp and body language that the pool empty now could be helpful - used by humans and other species to save lives etc. -

also sophia did the same thing with the swimming pool the other day when sophia alerted us to the i. 90 bridges up under by the steel concret to save lives in disasters - but i didn't get it - so sophia didn't give up on my ignorance and alerted me - us again -

also as we walk sophia is the leader most of the time as she takes us to tremont school as we walk around back and front and sophia yesterday stopped more by the wells of the school which has strong steel bars-gate around the wells - which are a few feet deep out side and a few feet wide and class room etc. are at the floor level inside the school -

so what do you think - the swimming pool is what 12 feet to 3 feet deep and large enough for many humans-other species pets etc. and the school wells can be used for safety also well as the school and grounds if the school survives as well as lincoln park - nick named the peoples parks - what is  your other species telling you and what is you telling you -

cheers - sophia - guy

earthquakes volcanos tornados sun etc. alert seek shelter under bridge up by steel concret i.90 tremont, cleveland (sophia)

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