Stephen Randall and his Daughter Scarlet compose and sing a great song - We Will Run Again

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Fri, 05/03/2013 - 16:34.

The internet is the coolest vehicle!   Tim Berners-Lee my hat's off to you.   Thanks a lot!

Back when Encyclopedia Brittanica was the home source for information, or going to the library was the means to find out about something --- there was always a pause between when you wanted to know something, and when you could actually find out about that something. 

Not with the internet.  No waiting.

Today, I caught a report on NPR about a Wellesley, Mass. songwriter who produced a song in support of the Boston Marathon bombing recovery.

The song can be heard here at SoundCloud.   The song incorporates some of President Obama's Boston Marathon bombing interfaith healing church speach.  

But what is really cool is that with SoundCloud every one of us can ad our voice to the chorus of the song.    I am warming up my vocals!

Berners-Lee has given all of us - around the globe - a voice which can be heard by everyone.  Never before.  We were all in a little land-locked pocket on our street.  

Not now.  WE ARE WE ARE GLOBAL!     

Very, Very cool.  

And we need to exercise responsibility and take advantage of our new, strong, voices.   Each of us... 



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