Technology (from China) in Kids toys - US defense budget dramatically off target

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Sat, 02/04/2012 - 22:27.

For twenty bucks ($20) from an acquaintance (a USAF fellow) bought his daughters a radio controlled helicopter which came down for this photo. 

Twenty dollars for the wireless controller and the Gyro helicopter? I asked.  Crazy  

The helicopter is about 6 inches long - image above - and has two sets of floppy rotor blades.   The floppiness allows for perfect dynamic ballancing.  

White plastic gears (visible in the side of the main body) feed the battery energy to the rotors and a separate control (see red and green looped wires) send more or less to the rear rotor which controls forward speed. 

While the Chinese are whipping these out like bubble gum,  here in NEO we are still thinking about Bill Mason, Ronn Richard, Jim Dimora, Tim Hagan, and the MEDCON. 

Pretty sad state of affairs...

From which we will not wake up. 


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