Thank you for your responses to our research inquiry: What does I-Open mean to you?

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Thank you for your responses to our research project.

About ten days ago we asked for your help in understanding what I-Open means to you.

You gave us your honest thoughts about how you know us best. Your stories and prose spoke about the people, innovation, hope, networks, economy and futuring conversations we've created together.

We said there are no right or wrong answers, only the opportunity for some useful insight that might help us better serve our communities going forward.

Here's one response we'd like to share with you from David Deming, President and CEO, The Cleveland Institute of Art--

I-Open has been a great source of connectivity among and between business and institutions of high learning. Many individuals who are aware of the dramatic need in our community for cross fertilization and incubation of new business ideas have found meaningful connections through I-Open symposium and both formal and informal gatherings. Having the I-Open staff bringing to the floor their research on how other successful communities have managed to keep their business and quality of life issues at the root of their successes is a great asset for this community.

We've posted selected responses here to REALNEO.

Thanks for your input as it continues to inform our understanding of I-Open's role in and responsibilities to community and regional economic development.

Drop us a note at info [at] i-open [dot] org We'd like to hear from you!

The I-Open team

Susan Altshuler

Dennis Coughlin

Betsey Merkel

Ed Morrison

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