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Donald Trump predicted that the United States is on course for a “very massive recession,” warning that a combination of high unemployment and an overvalued stock market had set the stage for another economic slump.”I think we’re sitting on an economic bubble. A financial bubble,” the billionaire Presidential candidate said in an interview with The Washington Post published this past Saturday.

Lana Clements writing for the Express reports, states that fears are growing for some of the world’s biggest investment banks, as experts warn mayhem could soon rip through markets over the coming weeks.Trading revenues at global investment firms dropped by as much as 56% at the start of this year with Europe’s firms among the worst affected, according to European financial analysts.

America is not immune to these pressures and the American financial market has seen corresponding drops in the markets. Volatility may have waned in America, but many experts feel that that we are in the middle of two financial tsunamis  and that second proverbial tsunami is quickly approaching.


The Rubber Has Finally Met the Road



I am so sorry that I feel compelled to unleash the realities of such a hellish nightmare that is beginning to engulf this country. The United States is in the early stages of an economic meltdown. I apologize to the cognitive dissonance crowd, but your days of ignorant bliss are coming to and end. How can I be so sure?

We live in country that only takes in $2 trillion dollars per year in tax revenue, yet we are looking at the most staggering debt in world history:

1. The U.S. has a soon-to-be $21 trillion dollar deficit and that is the good news.

2. $240 trillion dollar unfunded and mandated liabilities (e.g. Medicare and Social Security).

3. We Live in a nation where the US has a $1.5 quadrillion dollar credit swap derivative debt that the bankers have managed to pass along to the people. The interest alone, on the derivatives debt, was $505 trillion dollars last year.

4. We live in a country where both the Democratic and the Republican Presidential nominations are in the process of being stolen and millions of desperate voters are being told your vote and your voice don’t matter. “We will tell you who the President will be”….”Now shut up and sit down or face the consequences”.

5. We live in a country where the division of wealth disparity is the greatest in the modern first world nations.

6. We live in a country, with regard to the middle class sharing of wealth in the G20 nations, the United States middle class is last in terms of how much wealth it shares with regard to overall national wealth.

Trickle down economics have stopped trickling. The American middle class is the most downtrodden in the modern world.

Trickle down economics have stopped trickling. The American middle class is the most downtrodden in the modern world.

7. We live in a country where the government and all their phony economic figures and the lies told to the public by the corporate controlled media, cannot change the net effects of the following graphic. Today’s 50 year old working at two jobs doesn’t have to be told that their parents did not live through the same thing. Add to that the public, because of Donald Trump and his description of free trade agreements, millions of people know that they have been financially raped by the powers-that-be and they want massive changes.

earning less


With a $1.5 quadrillion credit swap derivatives debt  you really need a calculator to figure out that we cannot pay off this debt in the 21st century, the 51st century or the 91st century? Some of you will wonder, “Can’t we just start a war and take what we need”? The entire GDP of the planet is only $70 trillion dollars. Subsequently, we cannot even steal enough resources to buy our way out of this debt. The criminal elite will allow the economy to take its last breath when they have decided that they have stolen all that they can from the American people, then, and only then, will the bottom of the economy fall out. We are living through The Last Great American Garage Sale.


The Rampaging Hordes of the Zombie Apocalypse

Who is going to survive is more a matter of luck and Divine Providence, than it is skill and preparation. However, there are definitely some things you can do t0 increase your odds. First, let’s take a brief look at the odds.

According to Statistic Brain there are 12,800,000 Americans on welfare, 46,700,000 on food stamps or SNAP, 5,600,000 on unemployment, with a total government spending on welfare annually of approximately $132 billion and this does not even include food stamps or unemployment. These people comprise the army of the Zombie Apocalypse. These people will be your worst nightmare who will be knocking your door down when the welfare gravy train stops coming:


In today’s environment, anyone who discusses the importance of individual preparation and personal responsibility, due to the fact that we live in very troubled times, are often labeled as fear mongers. Upon closer examination, the real fear mongers are the very people who are responsible for perpetuating the present set of crises.


Once you get beyond the labels of “conspiracy theorist” and “fear monger” and you realize that you have an obligation to protect your family, there are some simple common sense things that one can do in order to increase their odds of survival following the coming economic collapse. In both 1929 and 2008, there was literally no warning when the economy crashed. The same will hold true for 2016, you will get no warning. In fact, you may choose to look at this article as your first and last warning. There will be more tomorrow on how to protect you and your family



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