Tidal electrical generation - Parrsboro, Nova Scotia has the worlds best potential - as yet untapped

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Fri, 11/14/2014 - 18:18.

 I have a very close friend from Europe who just two weeks ago attended a Canadian government sponsored conference in Nova Scotia.  The conference was sponsored by FundyFORCE.ca   (Fundy Ocean Research Center for Energy)    Here is a link to the November 3 to November 7  conference itinerary.

"FORCE acts as a host to technology developers, providing the electrical infrastructure to deliver power to the grid; it also acts as watchdog, providing independently reviewed environmental monitoring. FORCE also conducts research to better understand our site, estimated to contain 2,500 megawatts of extractable power."   (a producing unit of a standard nuclear generator - like Perry, Ohio - is about 1000 megawatts - my knee jerk reaction to the 2,500 potential megawatts of generation in the Bay of Fundy, is that this is way too low a number)

The FORCE govenrment agency has already laid submarine cable to numerous "berths" - undewater plots - which plots are being made available to prospective turbine generator installers from around the world.   Force is providing the infrastructure and have established pre-set subsidising infeed tarrifs in order to kick start tidal generation development.  

Read more about the Bay of Fundy tide energy and Parrsboro here.   Note that there are over 200 various celestial and geographical influences which make the tide at Parrsboro the most extreme in the world.   ]]

Meanwhile, in Cleveland, Ohio, about 3 miles off shore.....yah yah yah....there are still no wind turbines and Richard Stuebi and Ronn Richard are long gone or long quiet.  

Coal is King in Ohio.   Richard and Ronn can confirm this.  So will the Gund Foundation.


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