TIPOFF: Sound of Ideas will have JAMES ROKAKIS in the HOT SEAT....

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Sound of Ideas: On tap this week: County Treasurer Jim Rokakis joins us for an exit interview Tuesday and on Christmas Eve Day, we'd love to hear from you about what's wonderful for you during this most wonderful time of the year. It may be a special memory, a meaningful gift, even a holiday disaster that you can laugh about now. Listen in and feel free to call with your thoughts.

Last week on the program, they needed a gavel -- maybe even a ringside bell -- to keep order as Common Pleas Court Judge Timothy McGinty and Robert Tobik, Cuyahoga County's chief public defender, tangled over the pace of reform measures meant to speed up justice in the courts.

You can find it online in the archives at wcpn.org/soi, along with a lively discussion about religion in which Case Western Reserve University Professor Mano Singham made a case for atheism saying of the Bible: "All that stuff turns out to be pretty much fiction."


Tipoff is taking some time off. We'll be back in the New Year. Meanwhile, have a terrific holiday season.

Pete Krouse contributed.

Tipoff's Mike McIntyre hosts The Sound of Ideas on WCPN 90.3 FM Monday through Thursday at 9 a.m.


SO, what concise, questions would you ask County Treasurer Rokakis? (Remember they only have an hour...)

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