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Good Morning Mr. Brown

Thank you for your quick response.
We've been providing these details electronically, in writing and verbally for a very long time.
Some of these activities went on last night until past 3:00 a.m.
I had to get up about 2:30 a.m. and run two "drunks" with bottles in hand away from our steps.  I think they forgot where they parked.
It's a shame that the major part of this family oriented community's retail sector is alcohol enterprises.  The only difference between these so called award winning institutions and the back street watering holes is the price of the libations.   
These bars/restaurants/nightclubs have been allowed to moved right into the back yards where  most are within feet of people's windows and doors and nobody in our city's enforcement departments seems to have the want to or the nerve to get the situation under control.
There are laws and guidelines in place for the protecting citizen's quality of life but until they are enforced what purpose do they serve.
Some of these business owners go to the Dept of Building and Housing, go through the process of obtaining just enough credentials to get the doors open and then do as they wish.  The Board of Zoning Appeals hears testimony and grants permits/variances that are never enforced or even followed up on. 
Our Police Dept. can only do so much and have much bigger things on their plate that worrying about blaring music or blocked sidewalks, unfortunately,  that's who we must rely on for help. 
Where are the inspectors?  Where are the code enforcers?  Where is our community leadership? 
I can appreciate and am grateful to to those who are currently attempting to bring some control back to the community but  fact of the matter is "an ounce of prevention would have been worth a pound of cure."
You indicated to me that the city encourages "sidewalk cafes."  That's fine as long as there is safe unobstructed passageways for everybody else, especially the children, the elderly and those suffering handicap impairments.  Two of the attached photos depict the complete blockage of the sidewalk in front of Fahrenheit on Thursday evening.  These are pics of just two of the many sidewalk areas commandeered for alfresco dinning.
Yesterday, I was on the phone with one call right after another with residents who were more than ticked off blaming everybody but the Pope for this mess and they're not too far away from laying it at his door step.
I am aware that most of the powers that be are not exactly fond of my straightforwardness - but beating around the bush is certainly not going to accomplish anything.
Thanks again and please enjoy your Sunday.
Jerleen Justus, Resident/President
Old South Side Community Coalition
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Good morning Commander All;
I can say I drove around Central Tremont at 11pm tonight. I witnessed everything Ms. Justice explained. Commander You had your officers warn Dante's. They had cars parking in the valet zone for over one hour straight. I watched valets running three blocks away then come back and double park the car for the patron all at the same time another patron was waiting to drop off, both double parked blocking the street going north. I did see Mr. Black he was videotaping the valet action at Dante's. Actually the other Restaurants with Valet zones were compliant. I did witness the car parking in the tow away zone in front of 802 Literary.  I seen cars parking in the crosswalks by Professor and College all while I witnessed two uniformed officers standing at the same intersection and just watching the passersby.
Until these off-duties work for a entity that is accountable to deal with neighborhood safety and quality of life issues they are a hindrance. I do not blame the residents. Something must be done. Protocol must be set just because the liquor permit holders are paying the off-duties, and nothing gets enforced it gives the Cleveland Police Department a bad name.
I seen the ice cream style truck parking on Professor by Flying Monkey, have no idea what they were peddling but they had the sidewalk blocked so people were walking in the street. Three hogs were on the sidewalk in front of Fahrenheit block the sidewalk before you walk in front of the outdoor seating.
BTW Scranton Rd. was somewhat out of hand parking wise tonight also.
Thank you,
Henry P. Senyak
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Commander Sulzer and others
The out of control parking situation in this neighborhood was tonight was beyond belief.  Residents have complained and complained and there seems to be no hope in sight for peace and quiet in this community not to mention safety issues.
It was business as usual tonight.  Vehicles parked in front of Mr. Mikota's home in the tow away zone - there was even a panel truck selling food by the Flying Monkey blocking the right of way so that nobody could get by.  Cars were parked, double parked and triple parked in front of Dante's again.  Vehicles were parked in the valet zone and they were using the 15 minute parking space by the market to valet the cars.  Valets were running down the street, through Thurman Alley and taking the cars out - one right after another.  the church lot was full.  Every parking space on West 7th, College, Literary, Professor, Jefferson and West 10th was taken. 
I got complaints about the bus stops being blocked.  People are up and down all the streets - laughing, hollering and whooping it up.  Traffic is non stop.  Motor Cycles are blocking the sidewalk by Fahrenheit to the point that nobody could get through.......and you know what,  the two so-called security guards (police officers) were standing out by the Tree House just mingling with the crowd.
Guy Templeton Black and Yogi were out all around with the video camera- documenting all the mess as proof of how unsafe it is for anybody that live heres to be out in their own neighborhood.  People out in the streets, the sidewalks are crowded.  I just got off the phone with one resident who called cursing and screaming that he almost had 2 accidents trying to get home Coming down College Avenue.  Up by Professor he said he nearly hit two girls staggering around in the street because of the traffic there was nowhere for him to swerve so he nearly hit a car and then just as he managed to make his way through a another car cut right in front of him.  
The residents in this community need to be able to travel to and from their homes without having to drive through the danger zone.  Right this minute as I'm sending this e-mail, there are what sounds like hyennas screaming down on West 7th Street.  Two drunks went down by here just a bit ago tromping all over my moms flowers and throwing garbage all over the place.
My sister Vicky got up out of bed. went out and gave a couple of them a piece of her mind. 
We've had to close our windows and doors to try and block out some of the noise from the crowd, cars flying up and down the street, people yelling and screaming, slamming car doors and it still is keeping families up.  We can't even sit outside and enjoy the night.
People living on these streets are becoming very irate and I can see this becoming very ugly before too long. 
I know right about now you're thinking this is getting old - Well, if it's old to you, how do you think we feel?
It's enough and I'm sure that I'm on every body's crap list for sending this to everybody but we all been trying to tolerate what has been allowed to disrupt our lives for way too long.  Now we need some help even if we have to call in the national security.  We didn't go through this hell when we had punch palaces on every corner.
All these so called restaurants/bars and nightclubs have been allowed to continue to operate without the proper permits for years and nobody wants to take a stand and the mess is getting worse. 
We're asking anybody who reads this to step in and help get our neighborhood under control before people decide to do it themselves.
Thank you for your anticipated patience and understanding.
Jerleen Justus, Resident/President
Old South Side Community Coalition


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