TREMONT: Who actually paid for it to be all that it is today???? THE POOR.....

Submitted by ANGELnWard14 on Sun, 10/16/2011 - 14:21.

I am much amazed by the transitional phase of Tremont development over the last few years. For the last several decades...Tremont West Development Corporation was much obliged to suck behinds with the City Leadership to have millions of dollars in HUD FUNDING ALLOCATIONS STEERED into this very "needy" community. As a result; the low income citizens used as quotas to ascertain countless funds; were STEERED OUT of this community as it outgrew its britches! 

What quotas are being used by TWDC this year to ascertain funding for new projects? That is my question of the day.... Moreover; considering the status quo of the Board of Directors of this organization; how can HUD continue to oversight the countless violations and abuses of funding used over the last generation? 

Extraordinary results....pretty and ugly.... Classism....

Now; TWDC is at a crossroad.... the truth is....WHO ARE THEY SERVING IN 2011/2012?

Are they serving the needy? Are they riding the coat tails of other agencies in their own community? Are they truly treating the people in need with respect and assisting them; or are they targeting them for future development? 

Countless reports on activities in TREMONT show a history of unethical tactics, abuses of power, and target enforcement. They show development without permits for the players (corrupt), they show a complete disregard for the people who fought through years of changes to sustain their homes---and lost because they simply didn't measure up to the status quo.

As some of the elders age out and become too frail to continue fighting for what is right.... Who will protect them? Who will pick up the torches and fight for their rights? 

Will the status quo steer them into assisted living housing or bulldoze their homes or continue to use them as "quotas" to sustain their unacceptable manipulation of the public dole? 

Smug, smirking, holier than now white collar gentry support this heinous activity... and thus it will continue to accomplish the 2020 & 2025 Visions of Cleveland... Is it really worth fighting the good fight against these jerks? They laugh, joke, and sneer at anyone who gets in the way; then they call their buddies at City Hall and find ways to retaliate against the warriors in Tremont who continue to uncover great travesties on humanity.

It's not really funny...but when you see the superficial, 2 faced, snakes that partake in these practices; you can only feel empathy for the karma that will bite them in the rear end in time.... Now, that shall be laughable....

Too bad the folks who were used as quotas to get all that funding for all that development in Tremont can barely afford to have a drink in one of those establishments that they helped create..... Comical.....


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