Submitted by Jeff Buster on Fri, 07/03/2009 - 09:01.
This is a new community rowing boat house on the bank of the Charles River in Newton/Boston, Massachusetts.   Designed by the architecture firm of Anmahian Winton the facility exudes an upbeat and invigorating sense of health.
In the foreground of the image is a vegetated, bio-swale which accepts the run off from the parking area  - that’s healthy for the river.
In the background is the glass shingled boathouse for all sizes of shells – people of all ages carry craft in for dry storage and out for a row on the Charles – that’s healthy for the people.
The place is hopping with activity every day of the week from before dawn to after dusk.
If someone gave Cleveland a rowing complex  like this – where would you put it? 
If Cleveland builds a MEDCON and the COSGROVE CORRIDOR,  spending well over a billion dollars of public money,  will the financial vigor and physical health of the Cleveland community be improved through trickle down (taxi drivers, visually sterilized route to University Circle) to the point that Cleveland community will begin to build amenities similar to the boathouse for it’s citizens?

 Scroll down on this page from to read more about the construction and financing of the 15 million dollar public complex.

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