Submitted by jerleen1 on Tue, 10/27/2009 - 21:41.

 I'm sure that many of you by now have received your white envelope from Tremont West with your membership information with regard to the special meeting on Nov. 11. 

I found a number of issues that concern me in this little packet.  First one, even before I opened the envelope.  Mine had two lables on it.  Did TWDC violate their by-laws by giving me another members  name. 

2.  I was wondering if "corruption"  had spread to even the special meeting.  they seem to be offering "bribery" by way of gift cards and door prizes to get the poor folks to show up and stay long enough to vote.  Things must really lookin' bad.

Then, I noticed they invited the "Council Candidates" to join the gathering.  Well, by that time, they will be the Councilmen elect and I do believe that Councilman Joe Santiago will still be holding seat in Ward 14 - that is until January, or have they just written him off already. 

My biggest peeve is on the Agenda.  I don't seen any mention of an item where the meeting will be "Called to Order," or What should be the first Agenda Item is "Quorum to be Called." 

As I am reading this, I am pondering, When TWDC Board President Tom Cook Welcomes everybody, will TWDC Board Secretary Chris Alvarado be taking minutes, and if so, won't that be conducting business? 

If that's the case, when TWDC By-Law Committee Co-Chair Tim Jenkins, gives an Overview, will TWDC Board Secretary Chris Alvarado be taking minutes, and again, if so, won't that be conducting business?  Under these circumstances, won't the meeting have to be called to order?  and, if so, Won't there have to be quorum called before you can conduct business?

As I am seeing it, they plan on having us sit there through all this for 30 minutes or more before they call quorum and conduct half the business before they let us know if we have enough people to have a meeting not to mention vote.   What kind of crap is that? 

I don't think there is enough gift cards to pay everybody to go there and sit through 30 minutes of Tom Cook and Tim Jenkiins - Straw Bailin' before everybody figures out that there's not enough people to conduct business when in all actuality if they don't have enough people they cannot call the meeting to order and they cannot conduct business and they should cancel the meeting. 

If you consider all the remifications, they're trying to pay people to come in the first place, don't want to run the meeting by Robert's Rules, and want people to sit there while they hope that enough stragglers will filter in to get enough people to vote before they call quorum.





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