Unsustainable Retirement Budgets for Homeowners with No Mortgages; Inflated costs of living force them into poverty

Submitted by ANGELnWard14 on Tue, 10/08/2013 - 13:15.

Governmental leadership in collaboration with the local not for profit industry have failed the public at large in 'planning' at multiple levels by completely disregarding demographic data that has forever been readily available to them in order to protect the residents in our community. Gentrification has been like gasification in Cleveland, Ohio. Smart ass carpet baggers came here to show ignorant hillbillies how to rise up their quality of life; but actually destroyed their quality of lives by forcing them out of their homes when they inflated valuations; inflated property tax rates; inflated water/sewer/trash bills; inflated telecommunications costs; and thrived off the losses of these once very responsible citizens...who were actually living stable prior to all this crap of alleged 'community development'.............I pray that the punks who perpetuated this process grow old and lose their lifelong paid off homes because their property taxes get inflated and their social security doesn't afford them much more.........maybe they'll learn to choose between heat and buying groceries or medications...and then they will see how pathetic their scrooge behaviors were for the people who've endured losses beyond words to their worlds.

If the average retired factory worker earns about $700 per month on Social Security.......and their home was paid off.......then what? ....Oh let me reiterate the words of former councilman Joe Santiago---'If they cannot maintain their responsibilities---then they need to move out so that young new families can move in and maintain the values of properties...we need to put them into assisted living and allow new people to fix these old homes up so that our community looks good...' I remember advising him that with all these grants for Senior Housing Assistance Programs--CDC's should be helping these homeowners-not steering them out with code enforcement violations that create undue hardship...' His smug, condescending, and insulting mentality was bred from the Cleveland City Council conditioning of players.....the CDBG formula to ascertain money from the federal government.

The STRATEGIC PLANNING has been destructive and is a pathetic overview of alleged Community Development.

Look-if you have elders, disabled, or are a low income homeowner in Cleveland, Ohio---watch out for these charlottens attempting to be your pals...They might just know about long term development that will empower them to generate hundreds of millions in development funding to pay their salaries----by getting possession of your property............pay to play......they thrive and depend on those long term plans which you are unknowingly an integral pawn.......so BE AWARE...ask to see the 2020 Vision, All Master Plans (city Planning Commission) and anything relevant  before you allow them to steer you out of your homes........and be prepared for people who will menace and harrass you out of your property from the front and back doors.....that's the new American game of sustainable CDC operations........don't believe that they are your buddies.........they always work from a motive standpoint. Maybe they want to make a community garden, park, or strip mall.....figure it out..demand transparency.


Until then; be fiscally responsible or sell and move out...............get away from this nightmare.........it's simply not worth the undue stress, the political backlash, and the retaliation they portray upon you to get what they want......


Unlike them...by being the homeowner; you might be able to sustain things if you use all those programs the socialists established to make your survival codependent upon them as well...

Homestead exemptions (property tax discounts)

CHN water bill discount or Division of Water Homestead discount

Lifeline Services to get monthly discounts on your phones

HEAP PIPP programs for Electric and Gas bills....only pay six percent of your income for each.

food stamps....

hey...gotta do what you gotta do to survive the terrorism on the streets of Cleveland...


Vote for change people....or endure more of the same old, same old.

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