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I say, VOTE YES ON ISSUE 2! Vote yes to remind the public servants that they have all lived on the public dole much more than the majority of the "little people!" These unions use their collective bargaining to ascertain awesome benefits...but then our public servants use those collective bargaining negotiations to set the levels of pay for the public servants....interesting... It's grown out of control and become abusive with our local governments setting financial budgets far outside the revenues being earned. They have become co-dependent on countless federal resources and even the public servants themselves feel both entitled and caught in the middle.  The little people don't have time to worry about these things.... But that's what the public servants like....when the little people live in fear and don't stand up for their rights. Stand up and call your families and tell them to get out and vote YES on Issue 2! It's about time that our local governments began living within their budgets. The rest of us are expected to do so! What makes them so special???? 

Do you teach your kids to serve their country proudly, defend themselves, or be good citizens? What skills will our children need to excel in the future? Will memorizing the keyboard and completing technological training help them to do well or will they need to be able to start a fire without a match and draw water without a faucet to survive? Diversification of training seems acceptable.


Should we teach our children to followers or leaders? Should we teach them to respect their leaders or challenge the regime that uses them as quotas? 

Should we teach our children to eat crap from abusers or defend themselves to the death from abusive practices? 

Should we empower the classic leadership by teaching our children to turn a deaf ear and blind eye to corruption or should we teach our children to stand up for what is right? Should we support activism that goes against the grain....or should we teach our children to be complacent with the powers that be? 

Should we tell our children to quit wasting their time voting and participating in a democracy or should we tell them to unite and hold their democratic leadership accountable for violating the public at large? 

Flip your's all in the air these days. Government planners are sitting in think tanks preparing for various revolution scenarios around the globe. They are aware of the dissention around our world. They are aware of the frustrations of the little people and they are preparing for countless scenarios. As we watch the "OCCUPY" revolution play out and as we watch the civil unrest in the middle east and around the globe play out... should we rethink our idealisms about what the future holds? 

Were some right when they said, "All we have is the moment?" As I sit and listen to people rant and rave about the current worldly scenarios and the fight being endured by local people against our local government's abusive practices; I imagine my blessings along the way. Is all the "stress" associated with fighting the regime of spoiled public servants worth the blood, sweat and tears of the little people? NO! 

While the little people stand in Emergency HEAP lines at 5 AM in the morning; hoping to get one of the 10 tickets that will be served that day... While hard workers that cannot find work are forced to go through metal detectors and stand in long lines to apply for food stamps and any kind of public assistance available to be able to eat...and then be faced with denials....While the little people rotate amongst soup kitchens, free bread and vegetable lines, and churches for free clothing and items that may be offered....While the little people sign up for free turkeys at Thanksgiving, attend gift giveaways like Toys for Tots at Christmas, and search for opportunities to get help with the basics....While the little people learn to live with meagerly incomes on Social Security Disability or the single moms who struggle on their 36 month limits of receiving any cash assistance from "welfare"....While the little people learn to live by the guidelines of PIP Plus programs that reduce their utility bills to only 6% of their income and if they are really lucky to own a house--they get discounts through CHN of 20% on their water/sewer bills....While the little people who cannot get medical insurance through the public resources struggle to find limited free dental, medical, and optical resources throughout the community... While families choose between the gas bill and groceries or car insurance and the house payment.... they learn to live in the "RAT RACE OF SURVIVAL ON THE GOVERNMENT AND PHILANTHROPIC SYSTEM" that thrives off of their "QUOTAS"..... without the poor to keep these agencies, social services, and philanthropic resources thriving.....they would be NOTHING.... So, they learn to keep the little people running in circles chasing their tales instead of uniting to empower the poor to overcome this rat race.....

While the little people survive on the opportunities allotted by these resources... a mentality is created that becomes overwhelming.... The little people learn that they are being used twice as much as they are using those resources...especially the ones who are at crossroads of moving into employment, stabilizing, and not needing these resources anymore. I don't know how many times I have heard single mom's claim that once they got a job; they lost their food stamps or day care which forced them backwards. So, they had to quit the job and get back on the rolls of welfare.  Moreover, I don't know how many times I have heard someone is looking for under the table work to survive under the radar and receive benefits while they work to get on their feet. But, then it becomes a "way of life" for many.

What would inspire grand change in these "attitudes" formulated about using the system? Well, I believe it would start with the leadership itself living within their means..... We have an entire public servant system that is codependent on these quotas and it is amazing how they treat the quotas that make thier jobs a reality.

If our government itself is going to "Take Advantage" of the little people, use them as quotas for more and more federal grants that (over)pay for administrators who don't have a plan or know how to help the rest of the world; then why should the little people work to keep them in business???? 

Do you have a mountain spring for fresh water, a leach bed for waste, a fuel source for heat, or a field to plant fresh foods in the event our world sees transforming changes in the near future? While I want my child to have diverse experiences; I am most grateful for her most basic awareness of hunting for food, gardening, heating a home with firewood, and hauling water from a spring days of "Little House on the Prairie." .... She obviously cannot depend on the governemental leadership to quit abusing the public at large at this stage.

The above photo is of an old fashioned "systern".....a water holding tank....

 Experience the Greatness of Cleveland, Ohio...a "Destination City".... not a "Hometown City"'s a place to "visit...not live".....that's what the new leadership is selling the public at large......Seems like it forget about the people that remain here! 

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