Cleveland voters voting NO on Issue 32 will help City of Cleveland citizens and all NEO communities

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Mon, 10/31/2016 - 10:29.

 Issue 32 seeks to increase the payroll tax on persons working in the City of Cleveland from 2% of their paycheck to 2 1/2% of their paycheck - if passed Issue 32 is estimated to take another 80 million annually from workers in the City and provide that cash to the present municipal employees and municipal functions  "operated" by Mayor Frank Jackson.    

Roldo Bartimole provides his perspective against the payroll tax increase here on "Have Coffee Will Write"

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You might recall......over 200 years ago this "group of colonies" broke away from England.   A big part of the reason was taxation without representation. Let's collect money from others...if they don't like it, to bad!  If you raise sales tax I can choose whether I shop and pay.  But with an income tax I have no choice.  You already get a large enough percentage of my paycheck.  If I make more, you get more.   Now, you will get more even if my income stays the same.  that means, since you as a city, where I have no opportunity to choose the leaders (leaders with a history of being corrupt and inept) can choose to shrink my take home pay because you want a bigger percentage of my paycheck.  Well.....joke's on you.  This is exactly the impetus needed for us to allow a larger percentage of our workforce to work remotely and no longer be considered employed and housed at our "Cleveland" office.  We have offices in many locals, and since these employees will work from home, they will soon be based at satellite offices outside of Cleveland.  Now you'll collect less......AND hasten the shrinking of Cleveland.....they won't have to come to Cleveland, they'll no longer spend their money here either.







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